Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My lIfe

I stay happy and jovial
With no thoughts at all.
Often I think I have become numb,
Those pinning thoughts and words
No more scratches in or screeches in
My mind, yeah I have become numb....
I lead a happy life..

But when the city sleeps and
The curtains go down,
When I plan to 'catch a falling star'
And 'save it for a rainy day',
When the clocks' hands go far
Beyond midnight,
When I actually realise my
Whole day's works and no-works
Those pains and unuttered emotions
Creep back to mind and brain.
How I withstand them all...!
I myself wonder.

They say, I am sensitive,
Also ,they say I am brave.
They say 'Shes the man',
Also, they say 'You are only a girl'.
Just flummoxing me all the more...!
How I bear all the curses of death
From the ones who claimed
They love me the most on earth!!!
Often I do get twitched by the words
With a hundred words bursting out of my head.
It becomes hard to bear the false denunciations.
Many a times I am accused
Of the incidents I never knew
Had happened....!!!
But they happened...!
For them it happened...!
They say it happened...!
And who made it happen?
' I '

D'uh...what a life....

Its better to be numb sometimes....
The thoughts go in oblivion
Gradually as the new day begins...
And with new rays I forget All
My grudges and complaints.
Then I dont care a bit
About who says what, I am the boss...:)
Thats the life....


Guria said...

WoW! It's beautiful! really eloquent thoughts! :)

love Sreya

Leo said...

i second Sreya on this one! its quite captivating words!

Sourav !!! said...

An innocent yet strong mind speaking .. this is what I felt after reading !!

"Its better to be numb sometimes....The thoughts go in oblivion" .. This could be used as quote .. the best lines !

keep writing ... u've got a reader in me !

Just keep writing endlessly :)

R S said...

I feel the verse to be a reflection of deep rooted feelings of a teen...
very well written and as already been pointed out....words used articulately to make the reader feel their effect..

keep going.. and yes nice pic!!(in the post)

btw, i also updated my blog

Vyshu said...

very captivating ..!

You surely have a way wth words..:)

Keep Going

Sowmi said...

Very very well put... I can understand clearly.. I've been through.. going through such thoughts...

rahul anand said...

awesome verses..really cool poem..will be here for more!!

scarlet pimpernel said...

its better to be numb sometimes

rimz said...

I dint think dis one wud b liked dis much..:)

rimz said...

Thanku dear. i hve jst tried...Bt ur works n words r jst awesome, they speak a ton... i love dem...:)

rimz said...

Thanx. Ya, i'll kip on writing unless i truely become 'totally' numb..:)
hope dt dsnt happen..:)

rimz said...

@R S:
hi..thanx fr liking the piece n d pic.
ya i visited ur blog..:)
kip writing.:)

rimz said...

Thanku dear fr liking the piece ....

rimz said...

thanku dearie for likin n understanding the feelings expressed..:)

rimz said...

@Rahul Anand:
hie. thanku fr liking it.
u r welcome to my blog. n ya kip coming..:)

rimz said...

yep, it is..
thanx fr droppin by...:)

abc said...

Awesome...u write soo well... kip it up.
kip on writing more n more...:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

MY first visit here; you have a nice blog.

This one is a good piece of work..:) keep it up. "After every sad day, there is a glad day" keep smiling..:)


sonali said...

Free minds speak a lot, and silent words shout a lot... dat was descriptive though, i lved it....ALL THE BEST, keep writting :) will follow ur blog

vEnKy said...

They say 'Shes the man',

what is this yaar : )

very well written. I suck writing poems like this.

Andy said...

soo nice expressions. seems lyk i cn feel dem...

rimz said...

thnx fr visiting.
kip droppin.

rimz said...

hie. thnx fr droppin n likin it.
tk cre..:)

rimz said...

hie sonali welcome to my blog. thnx fr likin n followin it. tk cre.

rimz said...

"shes d man" is actually a name of a movie....:)

rimz said...

thanx dear fr likin it.
tk cre.

Saim said...

nicely put!!!
being numb is sumtimes very fruitful, alas...emotions and thoughts always pervade somehow:(

Vikas Chandra said...

nice one!
she's the man!!

u put it well.....do u really care?

rimz said...

thanx for dropping by.. ya thots n emotions always comes out some how , sme way or d other..:(

rimz said...

@Vikas Chandra:
i do care often, when i hve to care..:)

divsi said...

so sweet!!:) n so damn candid!

rimz said...


rimz said...
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rimz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
workhard said...

Really like the ending.. kinda frees u from everything..

Really like ur writing.. and ur blog too..

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Atulya said...

"Then I dont care a bit
About who says what, I am the boss...:)
Thats the life...."

Perfectly putted.. Seems like words are your slaves...

Kip 't up!!

Pratikash Bagh said...

hmmm....im quite mesmerised by your ever captivating lines...bringing out ur strong side...nicely written..thums up...:)


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