Monday, May 10, 2010

Just another Story. Part -6

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Sorry, dear readers, I was very busy with studies and all, and today found a bit time, because the university has postponed the last semester exam from 14th June to some will-be-announced-soon date.

Hope you remember the last part of the story where Anu was sad,as Rishi was harsh, but couldn't express and wrote pages in diary.
A few days passed. Human nature, its unpredictable and uncontrollable. Though fought but couldn't stay apart, couldn't stay far for long without quarreling. After much tears and
sweaty nights, they talked to each other.
They talked like they met after ages. They met like they were meeting after decades. They came closer and closer. Rishi realised that he couldn't control the attraction. Anu hardly thought and pay heed but couldn't control.
The friendly embraces and touches were no longer such, they were deeper and longer. Still,
Anu continued in her oh-I-hate-love facet, but was not able to resist Rishi whenever he came closer. She even didn't feel guilty for it. She dungeoned all the thoughts of so-called-sins and
'should not s'. She had the notion: she was right. Cause she never lied to Rishi, she never said to Rishi that she loved him, but she couldn't resist her to come closer to him. She went closer cause she liked the proximity of their breaths, smell of his air. For her it was pure because she was using herself for the highest reason on earth 'for her good feeling, thats causing harm to none'(somehow her novel-inspired thoughts drove her). Even Rishi had nothing o say against her these idiosyncrasies. But still, she continued to think she was not in love.
The bad news, the good news everything reached Rishi first. Yet nothing in her heart changed.


Among all these some drastic change in her mentality was undergoing due to her family matters.
Her dad was a kind of person, who would blame her mother, if ever Anu dared to say something to him in a high tone. Even when Anu protested against something wrong of his father the same happened, her mother was scolded blamed and abused for daughter's behavior. She literally disliked him for his rude, orthodox and bad behaviors towards his family.

Anu realised the person in front of her in the mirror has also somehow evolved to be like
the person whom she disliked so much.She was abashed,shameful and sad.She remembered how she scolds
and behaves with her siblings and friends, pretty often over pety stuffs.She even realised it
was very hard for her to control her temperament, cause it flowed in her blood. She decided to fight it and break that shell.
She even promised herself, she will change and one day will be better than him, and will be able to behave with him unlike how he behaves with her.


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