Saturday, August 29, 2009

Puja Coming

This is the time of the year we wait for, throughout the year. This is the happiest time for not only the Bengalis, but for all people who live in Bengal. Yeah., Durga Puja is coming, 26 days to go.

The joy is in the air .......Every shop from street-side stalls to the huge malls everything is bursting with crowd. Shops are unable to provide commodities according to customers' choice as the nice ones fly of the shelves as soon as they get seated. Many a times the shops are not even able to deliver the tailored items on time. This year the situation is worsened by frequent rains and clouds. Though the malls have added to somewhat convenience of the shoppers, still there are many who cant afford to go to malls or even if they can afford , prefer to go around places and see all the things and compare the prices before buying. So its a bit problem for them.

For Chunky jewelleries and accessories street side shops are always the best as you can get huge variety and also can bargain a lot and in case you don't like it or get your desired thing from one shop you can definitely move on to the next[ well in that case one may have to face, rather (h)ear the shopkeepers' jargon].Yeah, this jargon is another part of every city, rather every strata of the city, every particular category, from students, to the bus n autowalas have their own set of jargon.....often they are too nasty :P.... And when there is more crowd more use of the jargon is more obvious. More people, more words, more new words you got to hear...:)..:P.

Its a celebration time for all.....the theist and the atheist......Doesn't matter whether one bows one's head in front of the deity or not ,the enjoyment and energy or joy that's get filled in the soul ( the soul serves the purpose of a capacitor ,somehow...:D) keep ourselves charged till the next year and all the denizens of Bengal irrespective of bengalis and non-bengalis wait eagerly throughout the year for this time. [I know some people who don't even see the face of the god n goddesses, but yet they enjoy the puja time.].

This is also the time for self-beautificationn(and some times rectification too) for everyone,irrespective of girls and boys. Boys are no more standing back in the line. I know many guys who goes for facials,manicure, pedicure, facials,waxing etc etc etc at this time of the year (in case they don't go for these throughout the year..:) )apart from regular hair cutting and coloring.

New new new, every things new; from dresses to shoes to bags and accessories....and for some its also the time for new BFs n GFs...:P in the puja pandals... The 'mandaps' along with devi are getting ready for the Puja days ,and with it the real-life Devs and Devis tooo...:)

Its the time of rejuvenation, For get-together, for re-unions, for falling in love all over again, for many, its the time for home-coming, yet some misses home. This year, I too will miss a number of my friends who left Kolkata for higher studies. MISS YOU ALL.

With 'Mahalaya'(The day on which Devi Durga along with her 4 children starts her journey from her abode at the Himalayas to earth) round the corner on 18th Sept., the festive mood is in, and with it books are going in the shelf. I am supposed to study with some job exam on 4th Oct ...!!! ?But 'who cares'....!!!! I am flying...Flying without wings by now only.

My shopping is not over yet (well, for girls that's never over..:) )... Last day I went for shopping with 2 friends of mine(both boys) and ohhhhh GAWD !!!! who knew guys are this bad in bargaining...!!!! :P ...I myself am bad at it, But now I think I am at least better than them..hihi...
Never mind my loss was compensated and they got a bit less thrashes of words as the result came out that day only and I did quiet up to my expectations.:)

Hope this puja brings lots of joys and peace in your life and all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled...I wish the same for my self also, cause this is a pretty crucial year for myself also.
Next year, I don't know whether I'll here in Kolkata or not, I don't know whether I'll get a job or not, whether I'll be applying for higher studies or not, whether I'll get my dreams somewhat(or fully) fulfilled or not...!!!

HAPPY PUJA TO ALL(though ,perhaps its a bit too early..:)... ).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Standing at the edge of 20, now, often I denunciate my memory (often I do appreciate it). I memorise all the itsy-bitsy trifle stuffs , remembering to forget all that I should remember( e.g- my thermodynamics and material science stuffs).

I do not remember my first day at school very clearly, but I do remember my early days at school. I don't need to be much diligent to treasure all those memories . The kudos, followed by some sheepish smiles, the overwhelming congratulations and greetings after victories, the warm embraces after failures ~ I remember them all. Once someone not-so-close, accused me of something I never did and all my friends stood by me against that person and even threatened that person.:)

I remember the days when I used to run around, pointlessly in the children's park with friends, always being the worst in sports...:P ...... How hard I ran in school sports ,yet I came 2nd(from last) in the HITS only..hahaha....and my friends congratulated me for not being the 1st(from end)...:P......Also I did a penguin walk in sack and came 2nd(this time from the beginning..:) ) in the sack race. Then someone told I cheated as it was not the proper thing, I was supposed to hop in the sack, along with it (how pathetic..:P)..But I dint cheat, a teacher only suggested us(not only me) to do it that way...:)

The parodies during breaks at school, the desultory moments of smiles and tears may have diluted somehow with time, but it's instillation created a niche for itself long ago. Cooking fried rice and that horrible chicken at home, when there was none, and sharing those stories with friends.... how can they ever fade away...!

After being a bit grown up other problems started intruding.Then the advices started pouring;often presumptuous, often preposterous.

Gone are those halcyon days,
Cherubic faces,playful tricks,
Craven faces before ethereal joys,
Gone are the school days...

Few friends are in touch now. Who are in touch are only 'just in touch'. Most don't have time to share, even if they share they don't care. It appeared as inferno, I feared this long ago when we got scattered,they consoled and promised to remain consolidated. Where are they, where are those days...!!! Some even feel those days are of no value now, in front of their beatific present or awaiting future. Some boast of the diadem of present , forgetting( at least trying not to memorise those, since forgetting is not possible, really), and some like me are emulating to ensconce themselves.

But now, no use trying to blame others or saying all the faults are others'. People on this side i.e me and my thoughts also moved miles away . Out ways have become different ,perhaps they will never meet again......the pain that now seeps down the heart, may impede with time. We are denizens of today's world ,we don't cower at anything. The memories that are twitching the mind now, will be perhaps reduced by time.

Some day may be ,those days and moments will start appearing like a variegated blur only, when the heart will be able to masquerade or get virtually comatose by the Joy (or may b sorrow) Of Reality.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Again Tagged.

I have been Tagged again, this time by Sapphire. But this one is different from the previous one. This is The '5' Tag where the idea is to list five items in each category, not essentially in order of liking.One can always add or subtract categories according to one's will.

I think , some of the things that I am gonna mention here have already been mentioned in the previous blog. No matter. It has to be....:).But its very difficult to choose 'only 5' in each category. I am a greedy girl, I need a lot of things. Its pretty impasse for me to select only 5 under each category. Lets see.


1. Francisco d'Anconia (from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand)

2. Gail Wyand (from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand).

3. David Copperfield (from David Copperfield by Charles Dickens).

4. Edward Cullen (from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer).

5. Icarus (a character in Greek mythology).


1. Food(especially junkies..:)...).

2. Oxygen.

3. Water.

4. Music.

5. Computer with Internet.


1. Brussels.

2. New York.

3. South Pole.

4. Oman.

5. Switzerland.


1. Bike stunts(at least learn to ride bike).

2. To cook Biriyani.

3. Have sushi with champagne.

4. Own my own company where I'll be the Boss.

5. Own my home in just below the top floor of a sky scraper.


1. Dishonesty.

2. Black lies.

3. Over curiosity.

4. Commenting on something without knowing much about the topic.

5. Unwanted questions from utterly unwanted persons.

[P.S: Now that I have done the tagging, lets disclose something, it was really a bit hard for me to select only 5 favourites. In case of characters, ohhh I missed out,rather had to miss sooo many 'desi' n 'regional' n 'comic' heroes; thats sad. And as I said earlier, I am a greedy girl , and in things I will die without I had to select on the basis of priority and chose all the non-living stuffs leaving friends and family.Places I wanna Visit, well, I want to go for a world tour, but had to select here..:(. Same in rest of the cases, so din't try to make more categories, finishing here only. ]

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I was tagged by AJai quiet some time ago, and I remembered it only after sapphire tagged me.. I am not much confident about this "TAGGING" thing. Lets try. Trying the ABC tag. (Sapphire, my next post is obviously gonna be the reply of your tagging..Lets try and make the first shot with this one.)

A: About me? Confused soul

B: Bothered about? many stuffs on earth.Friends' troubles, sem's result, coming dinner, puja shopping..

C: Carrier concern? Too much (though I am not sure yet, whether I'll opt for job or Masters after graduation. C for Confused again....:P).

D: Dare to do? Nothing(daring) in fact. I actually belong to the coward and cravenly sort.

E: Eager to? Blow people(whom I don't like) out of their head by my spiteful words...:P(you don't be afraid)

F: Fighting for? Everything I feel right, but others assume wrong ...(most of the time with myself only).

G: Going gaga over? Ohh ..there are sooo many. I actually can do a tagging on their names, most of them are fictitious though; from Icarus to Edward Cullen, from David Copperfield to Gail Wyand or Francisco'D Anconia....I like them allll...:)

H: Hell or heaven? I prefer the statement " It is better to rule hell than to serve heaven." :)

I: I love? Myself the most and anything and everything that makes Me comfortable.

J: Job description? Truly madly deeply Jobless.

K: Know-how? I have that only of how to do arguments with others, and while doing so the only logic I tame in my mind is 'I am right' anyways or anyhow.

L: Loyal to? Myself and most people close to me or with whom I have interacted, or who truly need my loyalty....:)

M: Music I am humming now? Intehaan ho gayi intezaar ki, ayi na kuch khabar........

N: Nose for? Male perfumes, their fragrance stay much longer than ours..:) [Park avenue, Axe classic n chocolate..]

O: Obsessive about? Shoes and chocolates....

P: Prepared for? Every time I think I am prepared for everything, something happens in reality that leaves me nowhere and just creating the dejavu sense once again "How dumb I am!"...

Q: Quest for? Stability of my CG . [center of Gravity..:P].

R: Reality? SUCKS.... [I am gonna complete my graduation within 8 months, still no campusing and I am not prepared for any Masters' exams either...]

S: Shameful about? Often creating scenes ,when amongst friends in the most unlikely places for the most unlikely reasons..:P

T: Tired Of? Doing tensions .[Well, that's typical of a girl, isn't it?]

U: Useful words for me? Get lost, I don't know....:P

V: Vacation? Yes, I need one urgently,preferably to some hill stations. Darjeeling or Sikkim will do.

W: Waiting for? 6th sem result.

X: X-factor? I dont know, none has ever said anything about it. I personally think I dont have any..:P

Y: Yelling at? Many people at the moment. I am irritated for a lot of reasons for last few days.

Z: Zebra crossing? Well I generally don't cross roads following them [whether be it the road or the mind, I move on my own according to my own will and so meet frequent accidents ..:P, well they cant knock me down anyways..hihi].

Now,that I am done with the "TAG" with all the stuffs that came spontaneously to my mind,you have known how idiotic, dumb, insane, selfish I could be rather I am , please do comment and let me know how badly you disliked this post[I tried hard, perhaps couldn't do better than this]. Comments for betterment is most welcome .
Thank you for going through this one ( If you have come this much..:D) cause personally I don't like my this post much.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mixed Bag.

My morning,today broke with an sms from a friend: "Gd mrng. buy ur mask today"....I was still sleepy,and not fully awake,so at first couldn't get the catch, a few seconds later I realised what the sms (or rather the friend) really meant.
I got up and sat with the newspaper, thats so full with advertisements of offers and wishes of pre and post Independence days, one could hardly make out some news from it. Yet , some close introspection surely makes out some news.

Flu Flying:
The headline of the newspaper was obviously regarding swine flu thats gradually turning an epidemic. In West Bengal the number of infected ones is 19(according to today's news). But the researchers and the concerned authority is not able to find the source of the germ of most of the patients ,who have never been to outside India, and never came in contact with such (according to primary reports). The government has decided not to disclose the patients' address and locations to prevent the spread of panic.
Mask -shortage is also found all over the country , though the scientists told today, the mask is not enough to keep the minute virus at bay; they are so small that they can probably easily intrude one's body through the layers of mask(huh ...listened, my friend?!). Another friend gave me a suggestion of chewing (not swallowing) 5 Tutsi leaves and some black pepper daily to improve my immunity and stay away from the infection.
This H1N1 is spreading more rumours and panic than it genes and descendants, well, thats obviously due to the lack of proper awareness, hope it vanishes soon.
Ahhh..I am having a sore-throat....


3 Names:
The next thing that attracted me in the newspaper was "With you, every walking hour".
Well ya , we come by the 3 names~Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, several times - from Jawaharlal Nehru Open University, Indira Gandhi National University, Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitrak, Indira Rajiv Gandhi Basketball Tournament,Indira Gandhi National Airport to The Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme . Are people really showing respect to them or just using their names? It s all in Name Game or a mere panache?!!! Or they are becoming less innovative and not able to think new and better names....Well they can then come to me, I can suggest them better and shorter names , next time ,in case they are not able to find someone or something else.


Rain Has Gone To Spain:
Little Johnny no more needs to wish "Rain rain go to Spain.....". The meteorological departments says though the rain arrived late it will leave early also that will affect the agriculture vastly.The scarcity of rain in this period is remarkable(though its raining torrentially here, now).
Theres such a drastic change in weather these days, especially this year. I have never seen such mood swings of nature, now rain ,now sunshine.Its becoming like today's' youth.. Mom says some drastic change is gonna come to earth. Well many says there will be no earth after 21st December ,2012 (Google shows a number of articles and causes in support of this).


Math Theft:
An US based pharmacist Albert Clay, 75 , claims he has invented ways of mental math of multiplying more than 1 unit numbers in mind. The method he showed was prevalent long ago(I knew it from last year) . Its actually a theft from Vedic Maths. So its in the air, he has dose theft from there.
[I heard from someone that the Americans cant count using their fingers, they cant do calculations without calculators and computers, well, then this is a big thing for them, if they really don't know it.At least Clay can now claim to introduce something manual to his folks..I don't have any personal grudge against US, I would love to be in New York (after reading Ayn Rand's stories), but I don't like their greed for everything good , big and better. At the end of the day everything cant be yours. ]


Well Saina is in top 8.That's a good news. I like this player, though I understand little of badminton. She is not hyped and flop like Sania.
Then comes the news of the super-duper flop KR(Kolkata Knight Riders, in case u dint know). Dada declared Buchanan as the past of the Team..Huh lets see what help it does to the team(hope it really does some charm to the team).


TV Show:
After the stupid and disgusting show like Rakhi's Swayambar( I think the guys who went to the show and got eliminated in due course will never get married. Which girl will marry someone,who liked and loved Rakhi Sawant and went to the show ????!!!!!!!!!!!)the same channel is yet again coming up with "Main ,meri patni, aur woh", where Jodis (pairs)will have to look after others' infants(in this show again Rakhi has been kept as participant with her newly chose beau) . This TV Wallas don't get any other job to do, other than copy, edit, paste of English shows( This one is following " Baby Borrower" or something like that). the news paper is also printing this news and I now leaving my all other works am criticising them.The net thing that is happening is just publicity of the bogus things. I am getting angry on myself...:(


Agony Uncle:
Another joke-section. A 21year old girl has written that she is afraid to move to next level of her relationship with his 2 years old BF (Guess what the level: She is afraid to kiss him in the fear that she might get pregnant).The agony uncle commented "Did you always slept in your biology classes? kissing doesn't need a condom." hahaha...well that a good comment.I was laughing and and am pretty sure it was either sent by some fake reader or someone much younger who doesn't really have an idea about all these stuffs(well its todays' generation, so I cant guess whats her age might be.! :O), how some 21 can ask something like this, and how the editors of newspapers even allow such things to be printed [ To show the level of dumbness of their readers??!!]

By reading and seeing all this I was already tired. Atlast treated my eyes with the news of Hilsa(much beloved Ilish) festival. At ITC ,Sonar Bangla, one will have to pay some Rs1200/-(plus taxes) to treat oneself in the festival..(Oh...God when i'll be that rich to treat me myself...:( ...)

I am going to study. No other way left out..:(

Monday, August 3, 2009

Organised Mess.

After coming back from Durgapur I was already a bit distracted from Kolkata, and after what all de trop happened ,rather what I experienced today I am seriously planning to leave Kolkata. I am not in a mood for thorough overhauling of the situation ,now in kolkata being a denizen of kolkata.
In kolkata from 1st of August all the vehicles older than 15yrs have been forbidden( cause?? they are increasing pollution level....) without the replacement of the old ones.!!!!! In protest and in support ,a number of imbeciles accoutred by flags of various parties(political) are throwing strikes everyday then onwards. Even vehicles whose owners are interested to ply are not allowed to do so by others...what the crap....!! Today is monday ,and I was supposed to attend my 1st day class of 4th year. So I was determined to reach college anyhow, since I got out of the home with the purpose of going to college. I got inside a garishly crowded bus, but going not even 1/3 rd of the distance (it was supposed to go) it stopped and said it wouldnt go any more (cause: road barricated by strikers...!!!!)...what the hell.... Waited there for some 30 mins, another bus came ,that even didnt go the whole way and again we had to go down from the bus....It wasnt enough though....Then most students were walking upto college though its a long way.....!! But I was with someone who was feeling so sick(and soo shit... :P),and her speed was impeding; I was feeling like giving her a tight slap, and I was also a bit angry on myself for continuing to talk to her and silently tolerating all her stupid acts and talks and not showing a bit of acrimony( I am not accustomed to hear such girly nuisance, since I belong to a class where I am the only girl)....I was planning to walk. But this girl couldnt walk anymore, so to accompany her, I too had to get up on a rickshaw van (in which most of the times craps are being carried...... :( ) .... On it also she was not feeling safe and uttering some nuisance that I couldnt take anymore, so I was absolutely silent, as I was already irritated....... After the college was over, again there were no autos and no buses, had to come by train(which i fear very much),which was not crowded at all, but gain had to take a crowded bus for coming back home.
Now the thing is that ,after reaching home I heard our Transport minister has died (hahaha, how many curses perhaps he has recieved....sorry bad joke; he was sufferring from cancer). so most scools has declared holiday,and we are not going to college untill the bus or atleast the auto services are okkay...


KOLKATA and its' people grow up. How can all the conveyance older than 15yrs be cancelled without introducing the new ones....Its just catch22. The defunct government, the zonked employees and some of their some knave marinettes are simply denigrating the status of Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal....!!!!!... And the scientists are throwing columns in newspapers that in 3days the pollution level in Kolkata has gone down, due to decrement of vehicles...!!! well who doesnt understand it...!!!!They wanna decrease the pollutiond. Do it, who has stopped them, but give us alternatives. Without conveyance the life is not going to stop obviously, but its becoming all the more fastidious... Look up authority we are here... How are all the olds and elders ,and some savants taking all these crap steps without thinking of all the pros and cons involved..Are they not realising yet, its no airy-fairy tale to stop all the old vehicles at ones. Ambulances stopped, school students crying, people falling ill.....what are these ? atmospheric environment may not be harming them, same as before, but the present state thats striking and harming them, who all are responsible for those????
All these are happening ,You and me suffering... But mind, all are not, Theres even a particular class who are absorbing huge profit at this time, the van walas, rickshaw walas... instead of Rs.5,the normal fare, they are demanding, RS.50.....!!!! What is this man....!!!! I cant take it...
I am zonked....I am frustrated...Gimme some analgesic.


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