Friday, August 14, 2009

Mixed Bag.

My morning,today broke with an sms from a friend: "Gd mrng. buy ur mask today"....I was still sleepy,and not fully awake,so at first couldn't get the catch, a few seconds later I realised what the sms (or rather the friend) really meant.
I got up and sat with the newspaper, thats so full with advertisements of offers and wishes of pre and post Independence days, one could hardly make out some news from it. Yet , some close introspection surely makes out some news.

Flu Flying:
The headline of the newspaper was obviously regarding swine flu thats gradually turning an epidemic. In West Bengal the number of infected ones is 19(according to today's news). But the researchers and the concerned authority is not able to find the source of the germ of most of the patients ,who have never been to outside India, and never came in contact with such (according to primary reports). The government has decided not to disclose the patients' address and locations to prevent the spread of panic.
Mask -shortage is also found all over the country , though the scientists told today, the mask is not enough to keep the minute virus at bay; they are so small that they can probably easily intrude one's body through the layers of mask(huh ...listened, my friend?!). Another friend gave me a suggestion of chewing (not swallowing) 5 Tutsi leaves and some black pepper daily to improve my immunity and stay away from the infection.
This H1N1 is spreading more rumours and panic than it genes and descendants, well, thats obviously due to the lack of proper awareness, hope it vanishes soon.
Ahhh..I am having a sore-throat....


3 Names:
The next thing that attracted me in the newspaper was "With you, every walking hour".
Well ya , we come by the 3 names~Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, several times - from Jawaharlal Nehru Open University, Indira Gandhi National University, Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitrak, Indira Rajiv Gandhi Basketball Tournament,Indira Gandhi National Airport to The Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme . Are people really showing respect to them or just using their names? It s all in Name Game or a mere panache?!!! Or they are becoming less innovative and not able to think new and better names....Well they can then come to me, I can suggest them better and shorter names , next time ,in case they are not able to find someone or something else.


Rain Has Gone To Spain:
Little Johnny no more needs to wish "Rain rain go to Spain.....". The meteorological departments says though the rain arrived late it will leave early also that will affect the agriculture vastly.The scarcity of rain in this period is remarkable(though its raining torrentially here, now).
Theres such a drastic change in weather these days, especially this year. I have never seen such mood swings of nature, now rain ,now sunshine.Its becoming like today's' youth.. Mom says some drastic change is gonna come to earth. Well many says there will be no earth after 21st December ,2012 (Google shows a number of articles and causes in support of this).


Math Theft:
An US based pharmacist Albert Clay, 75 , claims he has invented ways of mental math of multiplying more than 1 unit numbers in mind. The method he showed was prevalent long ago(I knew it from last year) . Its actually a theft from Vedic Maths. So its in the air, he has dose theft from there.
[I heard from someone that the Americans cant count using their fingers, they cant do calculations without calculators and computers, well, then this is a big thing for them, if they really don't know it.At least Clay can now claim to introduce something manual to his folks..I don't have any personal grudge against US, I would love to be in New York (after reading Ayn Rand's stories), but I don't like their greed for everything good , big and better. At the end of the day everything cant be yours. ]


Well Saina is in top 8.That's a good news. I like this player, though I understand little of badminton. She is not hyped and flop like Sania.
Then comes the news of the super-duper flop KR(Kolkata Knight Riders, in case u dint know). Dada declared Buchanan as the past of the Team..Huh lets see what help it does to the team(hope it really does some charm to the team).


TV Show:
After the stupid and disgusting show like Rakhi's Swayambar( I think the guys who went to the show and got eliminated in due course will never get married. Which girl will marry someone,who liked and loved Rakhi Sawant and went to the show ????!!!!!!!!!!!)the same channel is yet again coming up with "Main ,meri patni, aur woh", where Jodis (pairs)will have to look after others' infants(in this show again Rakhi has been kept as participant with her newly chose beau) . This TV Wallas don't get any other job to do, other than copy, edit, paste of English shows( This one is following " Baby Borrower" or something like that). the news paper is also printing this news and I now leaving my all other works am criticising them.The net thing that is happening is just publicity of the bogus things. I am getting angry on myself...:(


Agony Uncle:
Another joke-section. A 21year old girl has written that she is afraid to move to next level of her relationship with his 2 years old BF (Guess what the level: She is afraid to kiss him in the fear that she might get pregnant).The agony uncle commented "Did you always slept in your biology classes? kissing doesn't need a condom." hahaha...well that a good comment.I was laughing and and am pretty sure it was either sent by some fake reader or someone much younger who doesn't really have an idea about all these stuffs(well its todays' generation, so I cant guess whats her age might be.! :O), how some 21 can ask something like this, and how the editors of newspapers even allow such things to be printed [ To show the level of dumbness of their readers??!!]

By reading and seeing all this I was already tired. Atlast treated my eyes with the news of Hilsa(much beloved Ilish) festival. At ITC ,Sonar Bangla, one will have to pay some Rs1200/-(plus taxes) to treat oneself in the festival..(Oh...God when i'll be that rich to treat me myself...:( ...)

I am going to study. No other way left out..:(


Sapphire said...

Ha!Ha! Nice :) Indeed a mixed bag...Swine Flu is scary even out here In Bangalore as there are a few people in my college who got affected with this! Rakhi's Svayamvar - it was funny! I mean a total comedy.....hilarious and at the same time, somewhat disgusting :D :D I hope KKR do well next time...I am originally from Kolkata actually :) :) though just studying in Bangalore!
Do Keep Writing!

Venky said...

swine flu is spreading like forest fire here in chennai too. And thess suckers are doubling the price of masks from rs 60 to rs 150 actually that is more than a double.

I also a read one post abt that name thing

Thats what you call the "El nino effect" literally it means Little boy.

They claimed they are the due owner of turmeric and basmati rice they are such shameless people.

Yes saina is good and not hyped as Sania.

that reality show looked like shit and Headlines today gave updates abt this dumb serial and not important news.

OMG They must have posted that to make people laugh hahaha i did after reading that from your post.

Hoo Felt like skimmin through a newspaper.

rimz said...

Thanx for liking the post.
The face n name of rakhi jst creates utter dismay..:P
N ya KR, lets js pray it doesnt make a hattrick of flop performance.
Kip coming...:)

rimz said...

@ Venky:
Thanx for visiting my blog.

Ya, due to swine flu some people are taking undue advantages...

Ya its 'El nino', i too read it in my geography clsses yrs bak, thanx fr makin me remember.

Saina is much bettr dan Sania.

I dnt agn wanna go in dose TV show stuffs,it sucks.

Indeed, i was skimming thru d paper for some news, its crowded with colorful Maps of INdia ol over, N wat r they doin eith the independence..!!:O

AJai said...

Gee... that really was some mixed bag. Got a peek in to how your mind works. Seems to be pretty restless. ;).
Speaking of Agony Uncle... how do women get pregnant??? Please enlighten your readers. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mixed bag indeed. ur observation n way of goin thru d news papr is quite interesting.
well written.will b hopin some more interesting articles. tk cr.

Andy said...

ohh gal, waat a post... me new here. u rite nice...

Twisha Mukherjee said...

read this:

rimz said...

Seems u need to attend ur bio clsses agn ...;)

rimz said...

thanx for visiting my blog.

rimz said...

welcome to my blog.

rimz said...

have read it.

the silent observer said...

Your post is a genuine work of fact and wit. Often with a coat of dark humor. Good Job. Keep it up!

rimz said...

@the silent observer:
thanx for dropping by. thnx for appreciating.
N ya dnt panic soo much..:)
kip coming. tke cre.

Atulya said...

Option:2 You can become a excellent news reporter...


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