Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Standing at the edge of 20, now, often I denunciate my memory (often I do appreciate it). I memorise all the itsy-bitsy trifle stuffs , remembering to forget all that I should remember( e.g- my thermodynamics and material science stuffs).

I do not remember my first day at school very clearly, but I do remember my early days at school. I don't need to be much diligent to treasure all those memories . The kudos, followed by some sheepish smiles, the overwhelming congratulations and greetings after victories, the warm embraces after failures ~ I remember them all. Once someone not-so-close, accused me of something I never did and all my friends stood by me against that person and even threatened that person.:)

I remember the days when I used to run around, pointlessly in the children's park with friends, always being the worst in sports...:P ...... How hard I ran in school sports ,yet I came 2nd(from last) in the HITS only..hahaha....and my friends congratulated me for not being the 1st(from end)...:P......Also I did a penguin walk in sack and came 2nd(this time from the beginning..:) ) in the sack race. Then someone told I cheated as it was not the proper thing, I was supposed to hop in the sack, along with it (how pathetic..:P)..But I dint cheat, a teacher only suggested us(not only me) to do it that way...:)

The parodies during breaks at school, the desultory moments of smiles and tears may have diluted somehow with time, but it's instillation created a niche for itself long ago. Cooking fried rice and that horrible chicken at home, when there was none, and sharing those stories with friends.... how can they ever fade away...!

After being a bit grown up other problems started intruding.Then the advices started pouring;often presumptuous, often preposterous.

Gone are those halcyon days,
Cherubic faces,playful tricks,
Craven faces before ethereal joys,
Gone are the school days...

Few friends are in touch now. Who are in touch are only 'just in touch'. Most don't have time to share, even if they share they don't care. It appeared as inferno, I feared this long ago when we got scattered,they consoled and promised to remain consolidated. Where are they, where are those days...!!! Some even feel those days are of no value now, in front of their beatific present or awaiting future. Some boast of the diadem of present , forgetting( at least trying not to memorise those, since forgetting is not possible, really), and some like me are emulating to ensconce themselves.

But now, no use trying to blame others or saying all the faults are others'. People on this side i.e me and my thoughts also moved miles away . Out ways have become different ,perhaps they will never meet again......the pain that now seeps down the heart, may impede with time. We are denizens of today's world ,we don't cower at anything. The memories that are twitching the mind now, will be perhaps reduced by time.

Some day may be ,those days and moments will start appearing like a variegated blur only, when the heart will be able to masquerade or get virtually comatose by the Joy (or may b sorrow) Of Reality.


Matt said...

sweet post.. reminded me of the times when i left college..!
but the thankful part is that some of us close friends are very much in touch with each other n even meet over the weekends..! lol@penguin race..
I once remember running a 1500m race during school and my instructor told me to run slowly n pace yourself..I listened to him n came third..

but that was only coz everyone else dropped out.. n i was the last to finish.. :D:D he he..!

VeNkY said...

@ rimz

Past is always beautiful to look back read this you will enjoy for sure .Missing friends will be tough but i don't know it because i am very much in touch of all them.

@ Matt

I too adopted the same strategy mate only difference is that the top 3 finished before i i completed 6laps total was 7 laps. Everyone was panting and i felt nothing because of my extreme slowness hehehee

VeNkY said...

rimz read this piece you will enjoy for sure


Krishanu said...

Gone are the days that will never come back..
Evanescent periods and effervescent feelings..
Obnoxious experiences and learning to live..
Still the period I cherish in my dreams...
(and nightmares)..

well written...

rimz said...

Thanx for liking the post.
some of my frnd s r still in touch , but evryone ahs their own world, n d relations r nomore like d skul days, well i know dts perhaps is d normal thing..

N ohh sports...i olways fear dem a lot..:P..lol

rimz said...

yep, past is olways beautiful...
ya went thru ur post, liked it...u naughty lad..:)

rimz said...

yep nothing more to say u.. u olready kno it ol.....:)

abc said...

nice post. remembrance. ya our memories often paly d villain..

Govind Paliath said...

Great post! Made me kinda nostalgic . . .It's nice to take a trip down memory lane once in awhile. Childhood is filled with fond and beautiful memories :)

SiMbA tAgO said...

beauty in itself...really awesome...made me return to those days of school when it rally used to be a big gang....doin every damn thing together... like u said all those promises of ppl who said we wil keep in touch are jus "in touch..merely"... feels very bad n saddy.. anyways ... as ever.. great write

Andy said...

nostalgia revisited. beautiful post. keep writing. it rocks...:)

rimz said...

thanx . yep, memories often do play the negative role in our life... though they r d pillars of our lyf,..

rimz said...

thanx for visiting my blog and liking it. ya our childhood n past is filled with so many sweeet n sour memories...:)

rimz said...

thnx for likin d post.ya ,we move on miles , most of d time forgettin we had n we hve so many promises to kip..dts really sad..

rimz said...

hii... thanx for likin d post.. ya i'll kip writing..:)
kip coming . tk cr.

deluded said...

well, it seems that way.

but when you meet up, everything seems great again.

actually, better :)

Kaka said...

hey rimz u have been tagged...check my blog

rimz said...

yep, somewat, somewhere,somehow,not alwys. m xperienced...:)
thanx for dropping by...

divsi said...

i was bad at sports too...i won lemon n spoon;)lol

sweet post!:)

rimz said...

hie.. I never tried d spoon n lemon one, dnt hve dt mch of patience..:P

R S said...

"childhood is the best stage of one's life" too cliched a statement like this seemed to me the only option to comment....
but all in all a very well described account,..

Ekam said...

Nostalgic post. I remember when i was about to turn 21, I wrote a similar post. I was so confused, felt so strange . That was my first post.


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