Sunday, January 11, 2009


The monument before boarding the bus at 8am.

The First glimpse of sea from the bus.

Lonesome Twosome.

The Jetty - the means of Crossing the Hatania-Doania river for cars and vehicles.

Waiting for The sunrise with distorted shadows.

The pink tinge of the sky before the sun really showed itself due to fog.

The sun rise, finally...

View(I) from the watch tower at Henry's island(It has 162 water ponds cultivating various types of fishes).

View(II) from the watch tower.

The Yellow crab, on the shore of Benfish Fish project.

Water water evrywhere, not a drop to drink.On d way to Jambudip for long time no lands were visible on any side.!!

The land of Jambudwip.

A fishing ship.

Mangrove forest on d way to jambudwip from Frasergunj.

The mangrove trees along with their breathing roots.

Windmills at frasergunj.

One of the very very few things to capture at the crocodiles' project park.

The beautiful house within the project park.

we stayed in this lodge.

On the way to the temple of 'Bon Bibi'.

Bon Bibi Mandir.

The quite nd calm surrounding of the mandir.

The tiny red dots visible. are ol red crabs spread over the sea beach at Bakkhali. de come out only wen the sun shines brightlyn goes inside d sand as soon as anyone approaches them from some distance.Dey are quiet a social n conscious species.

Star Fishes on the sand.the sesile animals lying dead.

I dont know the name of this creature that was lying on the beach. Jethi told perhaps it is a small 'shankar mach'.

Chalk And Charcoal work by nature along the beaches of Bakkhali.

Shadows of mom n me on the charcoal n chalk work of nature.

The goat babies are fed in feeding bottle.Dnt think its milk from their mother,Its only rice washed water n salt.

On the way back, while crossing the Hatania-Doania River.

D village...

Somantoral Rekha misheche digonte....
The things we see are not olways the truth.

hanging High. I dint try to hold dem, so am not sure wther i can touch dem or not...:P
Within Five days evrything was planned and fixed. We were heading for a weekend holiday at Bakkhali. Tickets of WBSTC bus were booked , hotel rooms were also reserved and by 8th January'09, thursday 6:20 am, we (9 of us, we 4, nd 5 of our neighbours) were ready to head for our destination.
It was one of d nicest tours amongst quiet a many trips.
i loved it , i liked it......and can say proudly...."Aha ki dekhilam, jonmo jonmantoreo bhulibo na."
I dnt have such a strong vocabulary to express ol my thoughts nd feelings through my writings, Here were a few pix taken by me in my mobile, though dere quality are not much good but seein these i still cherish those moments.


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