Saturday, December 26, 2009

Have you?

Have you ever:

1. Sat blank for half an hour in the examination hall?
2. Felt like never to go outside your room?
3. Felt so content that, wished to stop earth's rotation?
4. Thought, actually what are you doing right now?
5. Sat on a table in a resto,between tables of the one crazy for you and the one you are crazy for, and the latter one sitting with his girlfriend?
6. Just wanted to run out and shout?
7. Wanted to kill yourself just because you are right?
8. Wanted to marry the person you hate most?
9. Wanted to punch many people together?
10.Stopped talking to your friend cause he/she gives you ideas from heart ,not brain?

Well well  well, may be many of you have affirmative answers of many of the above questions.But I have positive answer for all of them.
Thats strange? ehh..not that much ...
After soo many days, I am writing here, and I feel like asking you soo many questions, well obviously you are not bound to answer.:D
My semester ended the day before yesterday and now I have plenty of time to make a set of question paper for myself and compensate for whatever I missed out in the answer paper..:P
Its been a bad day for me, today, though it was Christmas.  Still I am not that ill to spare you from asking these stupid questions.
From some of the above questions it may seem I am a bit frustrated. Noway, I'm not, may be a bit depressed. but it's party time, no time for being sad, yuhooo...... 
Happy New year In Advance to you all.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The odd man out.

In this world of utter selfishness and bitterness , some too good men still do exist.

Here comes a story of a guy, just 21, but a whole lot different from most others.
He is perhaps not suitable in this mean world of 21st century..
This not a story, a very true incident, and too good to believe, if you haven't seen him truly.

But I am lucky enough to get such a person as my classmate. He is too good for the world. The character may seem a reel-one but its a real-one.

A true human being he strives to be from every aspect of his life. 
But may be some, after hearing about him ,may say ,that he is not really ' good'.

Well, lets start.The Auto fare from Garia to our remote college stoppage was Rs.5.50 then.
This guy used to travel by auto. And most of us are acquainted with these days' south kolkata's autowalas(no offence intended) who are famous for their movements in the most static traffic, their lingo and their OTT behaviours..This guy pays normal fare everyday.

But one day, somehow an auto wala paid him back Rs.6 as a balance for Rs. 10 ,what my friend paid(originally he was supposed to get Rs.4.50, as d fare was Rs. 5.50) and before he could say anything the auto passed away with high speed..Now, this guy was in problem (as he felt it was not a right thing to give inappropriate amount of money to d autowala..).So what he did???




No, he didn't ran after the auto...
He just dropped a 1 Re.coin and a 50 P. coin on the road....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because according to him~ it was no more his, as the autowala actually deserved IT...

What to say??!!!

Another incident:
He was coming to college on that day by train.The train arrived at the platform , just as he entered the station.So, as he was just on time, couldn't go and buy a ticket, just boarded on the train, without ticket(Which is Strongly against his principles....)..

So what to do???

All day he was in a bad mood as 'strong sin-sense' was working in him.... 
So what he did?
While returning back home by train,he bought TWO tickets and threw one away..!!!!!!

He is not a very regular college-goer. So whenever he goes to college he takes the class-notes from other people for getting it xeroxed. Now by any chance if theres even a slight wrinkle in any of the pages of the notes he would give a new gum stick, a new cellotape to the notes-owner along with his/her notes..we become speechless at his such mannerisms, yet can't protest. Once we took the gum(which he gave one of us along with the notes) back to the college stationary shop and in exchange took a pen and somehow gave it to him, and fortunately he accepted without understanding the real story behind the pen..:)

I ,rather we don't get this man...We all shout at him, crazy, eccentric, lunatic and don't know what else...But he continues in  his strange (morale) ways...
There are many such incidents of his....
But we really can't make out whether he is tooo good a person or just a crazy fool ..!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just another Story. Part -4

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Anu messed up her life. She was trying to sort it out hard, she was fighting to stay jolly among all the odds of her life. While with her family,she always showed her least emotions, thoughts and feelings.She tried to become busy with her work and career issues,as she thought staying busy will take her away somehow from her abundant mundane troubles.

Some day a particular relative of her told her "
You are actually very rude,You have less emotions in you,that's why you can be so harsh on others'. Those who are emotional tolerates the jabberings of the unemotionals like you."  It was quiet hard for her to accept this specific statement, yet she tried to catch up a curve in her face and only one face rose in her mind Rohit .

Another day she was talking to her mom
casually  .
Bending over her lean body Anu murmered "
Mom,I think I need to loose a bit frm my tummy.....

Before she completed her mom gave a stern reply "
You are absolutely ok, rather put on some on that thin figure. What will your in-laws say?!"....

Anu was shocked "
Now wherefrom do they hail from?". 

We say nothing to you now, doesn't mean we won't ever say anything.You have to marry.
Whatever you say or whatever you do, You will have to marry,Don't think you will always fly like this and keep on fighting with
people around you..!!

Anu's parents even started showing serious interests in some of the marriage proposals that came for their daughter.
Anu could'nt utter anything, as situations worsened and her dad always scolded her mom whenever she said or atleast tried to speak anything in Anu's for, against marriage stuffs.

Anu could'nt carry on with the argument, left the room in utter disgust.

Earlier she always had Rishi by her side to share all these itsy-bitsy things,but now she preferred not to share.
For quiet a number of days she was absolutely without contact with Rishi; recieved none of his calls, replied to none of his SMSes. One day when Rishi couldn't take it anymore he
came to meet Anu at her home, but she didn't even came down to meet him. This was like a shock to Rishi.However strong his heart could be diagnosed his atrium and ventricles were not strong enough to tolerate such behaviour from his best friend and the one whom he loved so much. He started to try to cope with such strange behaviour of Anu, but in vain. It was hard , very hard....

The problem was that, he couldn't still understand why exactly Anu was upset with him and was denying to interact in anyway with him, and also he was not able to discuss the matter with anyone.
He cried hard.It was one of the rarest times in his adolescence when Rishi cried!! He spend days without food, all alone in his room, without letting anyone outside know, what storm was going inside.

He fell ill, tremendously ill. Mental trauma along with physical weakness carried him almost near death.
Anu's arrogance still prevented her from getting in contact with her ill best friend. Her mind and brain fought. Arohi suggested her again and again to go and see him before anything more serious and difficult happened.
Once again Anu was in dilemma - To go or not to go...if she goes and if Rishi thinks that she had feelings for him-all these things started cropping in her mind and gulped her days and nights.She sat blank for hours with random romantic songs running in her ear via the cord of her ipod.She thought she had no idea of her life after being financially established. She thought of the mosquito that was trying to squeeze in between her ear and headphone, she thought of it, that it never knew it would be dead the next moment.  Among all these non-sense thoughts she couldn't arrive at the final decision that was enough urgent to be made. Procrastination was now a part of her especially on some points..!

She only muttered " God,  why why ,why always these things happen with me??"

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Friday, December 4, 2009

social 'I' 'sing'

I am often termed ‘unsocial’ by my parents ,as I refuse to show up when some guests come(who are pretty much unwanted and unliked by Me). I refuse to go to the ceremonies and rituals that I hardly respect or believe in. I hardly feel like giving a smile to the (oh-)so-acquainted one on road and ask how and what is his/her late(40’s/50’s) child doing…..sorry I am not interested.!

I hate It. I have loads of problems and things in my life to sort out and work out apart from asking others their problems and giving advices to them….I don’t like it, when the parrot-nosed aunty gives a jaunty smile to my mom and says her, pointing at me “
Your girl is nice, but she din’t grow so much tall like you?!”. I feel like asking “Do you have doubts on your eyesights? And why my dear? Did you have any very tall eligible bachelor roaming about in your mind(for me)?...”…:P….
Alas!!! I can’t ask that ….can only make arcs, curves, parabolas, hyperbolas by my lips and cheeks…![..:(. ,.:),.:D.,:P.,.:O,.:X….]

Society------ We are social beings living here. These days the so-called social creatures are hardly to be found by the sides when needed most,but are always present to criticise behind curtains and throw inquisitive glances,and often stares too..(well, I do agree that I am myself one of that lot.Don’t know whether people like me made the society like this or the society compelled in making people like me…I think in some case its relative and in some cases directly proportional)

I dislike a thousand such stuffs. Another widespread _______(don’t know what to say it -custom/ ritual/ social norm/ responsibility?!) is attending marriages, death rituals, anniversaries,parties, divorces (and don’t know what else..) often inspite of not feeling like going(in some cases I and we obviously feel like going, now don’t say you always like and feel like going to such places,I won’t believe that even if you say..!..:P).
But yet,it’s a must. WHY? Because when it will be your turn they won’t come , and being a social being, during any sorrow or happiness others’ presence is indispensible..!.

I am not much interested to go to my NRI cousin’s marriage. My mom states: “
Well, you don’t go . But then don’t expect them at your marriage or your child’s rice-eating ceremony.”. “My dear dear mom I am not a graduate yet, and you have gone so soo far..Well I don’t expect others to come..

In this cases I am a great fan of Ayn Rand(in case you also are , I hope I don’t need to explain). She says we all live for oursleves and we should do what we feel will be good for our selves only,never to do charity, to get what we deserve, do obtain what we want, to achieve what we dream.

On this context  I remembered that particular SMS(don’t know whether it’s truly related to the context or not):

At marriages old ppl used 2 pull my cheeks n say “u r nxt”….They stopped wen I strtd doin d same at funerals.What a crazy World.!!

Well, now what do you say? Do you like always like socialising ?[keep the thought of gaping and stomach-worship away for a moment….:)…]


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