Monday, March 8, 2010

What Is thIs?

I have a grievance .
Don't know exactly against whom? The country, administration or some selfish dolts?!!
The topic is a much much discussed and a much controversial one though, yet I need to speak a bit on the topic and vent out my thoughts.

Reservation and quotas".

A particular national level exam has 84 seats out of which 52 are for OBC,18 for SC/ST/PH. So for general candidates '14' seats are allotted. Isn't this an injustice?
Backward classes and all stuffs, yeah I know those things, but are we(general caste people) not important? As far my knowledge goes or normal sense says: Number of general category candidates appearing for exams are considerably more than the number of other class people. Reservation is alright for promoting them,for their progress but more than 80% reservation!!!???
Is it really necessary.?!
This has already caused the increase of corruption among all level of people. People already belonging to these backward classes often take the disadvantages of belonging to these categories.
Reservation was made for the purpose of helping the ones who are unable to progress,who remained veiled by customs made by the 'so-called high castes' of the society, who are economically weaker. But as a result of this reservation thing, even the economically richer ones or non-deserving ones(or both) are getting posted in high posts. Apart from this a number of people who doesn't belong to these classes are making fake certificates for gaining (dis)advantages..!!
Is it right in a developing country like India? Doesn't it retard country's progress all the more?Isn't it a black spot on the name of democracy of a 'sovereign' country, somehow?

 Firstly, some non-deserving candidates[point to be noted: I am not saying all are not good, or all doesn't deserve, but some really really doesn't deserve.] without proper knowledge or capability spoil the dignity of the position and secondly, Frustration breeds in other deserving candidates. Most are not determined and dedicated enough like "Rizwan khan" to go to the high authority and claim:
We deserve".

Recently NTPC is recruiting engineers. They are supposed to take 162 mechanical engineers. Well, coming to the main point ,among them : 108 are OBC,36 are general, rest are SC/ST.
IS it really OK? Can this keep on going or this will keep on going?


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