Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The sem-time has come again.
With it ,has arrived the viva-voce....
The incubus of mine.
No other way left other than to
Denunciate own self,
After comin out frm the room,
Acting a dumb.

All the friends before me got
easy questions to answer.
But wen my term comes,
I only get to hear some alien questions
Which obviously i cnt answer.
Donno wats dere in my face
Do i look more intelligent dan d rest??!! :(

Even if by any chance i answer a question,
D questions dat follow, takin to d 'depth'
Of the subject Simply Takes Me
To the state of Languor.
Incognito,incongrous -simply
These words play in my mind
Proving once agn that i m incorrigible now.!!

When on d viva table teacher asks
To derive equations n formulae
Nd draw the resilence graph..;
Aftr turmoil wen something is represented somehow,
That seems a clepsydra to d person in front.
Oh.,..M proud m d new author of that subject,.!!

Some dare to b smart enuf to speak
The wrong munificently....But i if
I havent yet learnt to speak.
Anyday by anychance
If i give a nice viva
Emulating the fisticuff of the teacher
I go over cloud-9...
but thats quiet a rare incident..!!!

Y dese teachers r not a bit clement..
Dint they face ppl like demselves evr..?
So many friends n foes give me
So many suggestions to face Them,
Nd to efface the fear....

I Always enter the viva-room
With quasi fear,just as before
Nd aftr it come out n rush for quaff..!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Sem is approaching n m feelin sleepy..
Y does dis time comes...???
Nothin prepared,so much to know..
The syllabus n d big fat books seem quaint;
speak some patois ...

Let the puck sing the psalm for me...
The robot teachers ready
To throw me in the quag.
Wid my puerility i try to regret that fact
Of utter bitterness....

Paucity of knowledge sometimes
Create complex deep inside the mind...
Next moment i get elated
By the thought
the sem-session will soon b over...
The happy days will b Back again

But again the fear of bad result
Gulps the mind
N i try hard to concentrate.
I suceed in memorising......
everything except the words i shud....

God bless me wid an exalted result,dats d only prayer for now. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am a bit idiotic person...!! I dislike many persons on earth due to various reasons. But few r there, for whom i cant show it, d way i wish to.....
Most people have it.I kno.Krishanu ( a close frnd o mine) had(has) immense grudge on *M* aunty of our beloved alma-mater , n by dis time ,i biliv ,he is able to show it..[:P]
One of such is one of my teachers.Believe me i'll name him publicly as soon as i fix my carrier.Evry other person in d clas instigates me n demselves to hate d person, but i am d victim of his ****nesses n *******nesses most often, being d only gal of my class.
He is one of dose very few persons on earth, who bothers or forces me to curse him....
watevr god save him from our(oops My) curses..
He speaks so utter non-sense n controversial stuffz , ki he himself even cant keep pace wid it: n oder teachers n students go crazzzy due to him, but none can let a single word go out of their mouth.
He is the most 'hyped' n one of the most influential person(uuufff...sorrry 'TEACHER') of the college....:(


Trying to efface the cul-de-sac.

The idiosyncrat is back...
Her life has changed a bit.
People say she has changed a lot.

Ya, she has changed..
Now she dreams again...
Dreams of the 'Perfect world',
which others say, can nevr exist.

But she is nevr appeased.
She hates those creatures who pretend
To bear their name..!

She is no more depressed.
She makes some questions,
dat go unanswered..
So she stops askin those.

She refuses to b d inamorata,
She regrets her former state of inanity.
She is perhaps ,again aftr the ignis-fatuus,
Others only give insinuations
Dat she is severly Wrong.

But she is determined dis time,
To overcome others' thoughts,
And this time she will Succeed
To Efface The Ephemeral Cul-De-Sac.


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