Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Rejection letter.

None has yet given (or may be dared or felt like,whatevr it may be) me a love letter. Just before the result of 5th sem, being frustrated with tension tried to destract mind n think of something new, fun n purely puerile .I dont intend to give it to any one by anychance (bechara hoyto ektu beshi e chaap kheye jabe...: P). Pun was the sole intention, wid some utterly emulated,chivalrous and protean faces in mind. Here goes my " Rejection Letter " to those who proposed me (to my great resentments) or who want or think to do so or watsoevr....:P

My amour-propre inundates by all means my any desire to be your inamorata. It's better not to dilly-dally to let you ameliorate, cause you will never convalesce. Waiting to gloat for the evangel? Put moratorium on those. You better become a vagrant, or u may have to spoil your fortune paying off the alimony. Other valiant options are also there . I can show you a few such, if u wish ,but personally i feel it's better not to show you such chimeras. Without admonishing the impasse,without trying to adduce the umbrage,stop the vendetta with your mind immediately. You just cause adnauseam to me. Now, dont try to rise an affray to affront me. Albeit I am the naive,I am the vaunted veer, vapid jilt,insidious virago with an acridly battered soul n heart whom you cnt stand against. Neither your inveigle, nor your invidious invectives can accrue my anger any more,it got imbued by the imbroglios long ago. Dont even try to pull out the immured angers. You are not enough accoutred to impale my stoic facet. By any chance I do not need aegis from a janitor. Dont take ol dese stodgy pejoratives, run pell-mell.
As you were never much welcome I am not interested in valedicting you even.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Time always presents me a fait accompli. Somehow, it manages to prove that I was devious. The consequences devolves to the present. But nothing to do ,except either getting moonstruck or calmly accepting the mopish present. Moribund Dreams bring back the rainbow of myriad expectations and desires. Some pasquinade has snatched away all my ebullience.

My school days,those hours of non-stop yaks, the ballyhoos in the class, those derisions......they still descry the mind for hours. The faces with their jaunty smiles,their ingenuous advices, beguiling jokes can never denigrate from the facets of mind. Yammers seemed always sweet, desultory fashion evrywhere made evrthing just perfect. Sheepish smiles after little peccadilloes macerated all grapples. Puerility washed off all inanity. Never got tired, never stopped laughing; contravening the rules and manners were just the grandiose style. Never paid heed to , who deprecated. Everything was just expedient. At the cowering moments always had hands on shoulders and also causes to exult the next moment. The deranged pranks could never be eschewed.
Some teachers always seemed to have some ulterior motives to depredate our alacrity. Some despicable incidents still bring tears. We all were together and promised to stay together 'forever'. But Nothing Lasts Forevr~ the confirmists confirmed. We are, but far far away , humming monodies at melancholic moments having petulant tempers facing macabre realities.

We grapple, we grovel,tolerate detractions which seems much de trop.
Time deters the memories most of the times, yet brings those yores acerbically at times.

We no more need hands on our shoulders. We have developed social acumen, we are used to living on tenterhooks after all sorts of jibes and sneers. Yet Redolence of those days seems to heal temporary phronemophobias. Then I feel , a dear friend of mine truely says "Beatified by Resentments".


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