Saturday, August 29, 2009

Puja Coming

This is the time of the year we wait for, throughout the year. This is the happiest time for not only the Bengalis, but for all people who live in Bengal. Yeah., Durga Puja is coming, 26 days to go.

The joy is in the air .......Every shop from street-side stalls to the huge malls everything is bursting with crowd. Shops are unable to provide commodities according to customers' choice as the nice ones fly of the shelves as soon as they get seated. Many a times the shops are not even able to deliver the tailored items on time. This year the situation is worsened by frequent rains and clouds. Though the malls have added to somewhat convenience of the shoppers, still there are many who cant afford to go to malls or even if they can afford , prefer to go around places and see all the things and compare the prices before buying. So its a bit problem for them.

For Chunky jewelleries and accessories street side shops are always the best as you can get huge variety and also can bargain a lot and in case you don't like it or get your desired thing from one shop you can definitely move on to the next[ well in that case one may have to face, rather (h)ear the shopkeepers' jargon].Yeah, this jargon is another part of every city, rather every strata of the city, every particular category, from students, to the bus n autowalas have their own set of jargon.....often they are too nasty :P.... And when there is more crowd more use of the jargon is more obvious. More people, more words, more new words you got to hear...:)..:P.

Its a celebration time for all.....the theist and the atheist......Doesn't matter whether one bows one's head in front of the deity or not ,the enjoyment and energy or joy that's get filled in the soul ( the soul serves the purpose of a capacitor ,somehow...:D) keep ourselves charged till the next year and all the denizens of Bengal irrespective of bengalis and non-bengalis wait eagerly throughout the year for this time. [I know some people who don't even see the face of the god n goddesses, but yet they enjoy the puja time.].

This is also the time for self-beautificationn(and some times rectification too) for everyone,irrespective of girls and boys. Boys are no more standing back in the line. I know many guys who goes for facials,manicure, pedicure, facials,waxing etc etc etc at this time of the year (in case they don't go for these throughout the year..:) )apart from regular hair cutting and coloring.

New new new, every things new; from dresses to shoes to bags and accessories....and for some its also the time for new BFs n GFs...:P in the puja pandals... The 'mandaps' along with devi are getting ready for the Puja days ,and with it the real-life Devs and Devis tooo...:)

Its the time of rejuvenation, For get-together, for re-unions, for falling in love all over again, for many, its the time for home-coming, yet some misses home. This year, I too will miss a number of my friends who left Kolkata for higher studies. MISS YOU ALL.

With 'Mahalaya'(The day on which Devi Durga along with her 4 children starts her journey from her abode at the Himalayas to earth) round the corner on 18th Sept., the festive mood is in, and with it books are going in the shelf. I am supposed to study with some job exam on 4th Oct ...!!! ?But 'who cares'....!!!! I am flying...Flying without wings by now only.

My shopping is not over yet (well, for girls that's never over..:) )... Last day I went for shopping with 2 friends of mine(both boys) and ohhhhh GAWD !!!! who knew guys are this bad in bargaining...!!!! :P ...I myself am bad at it, But now I think I am at least better than them..hihi...
Never mind my loss was compensated and they got a bit less thrashes of words as the result came out that day only and I did quiet up to my expectations.:)

Hope this puja brings lots of joys and peace in your life and all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled...I wish the same for my self also, cause this is a pretty crucial year for myself also.
Next year, I don't know whether I'll here in Kolkata or not, I don't know whether I'll get a job or not, whether I'll be applying for higher studies or not, whether I'll get my dreams somewhat(or fully) fulfilled or not...!!!

HAPPY PUJA TO ALL(though ,perhaps its a bit too early..:)... ).


divsi said...

first comment!!!
kewl..durga puja...:) i visit the khar math in mumbai :) the junk jewelery luks soooo gud!!!:)


VeNkY said...

not perhaps, it is pretty early to wish durga. And hey it doesnt hurt wishing more than once so no probs.

We celebratre navaratri this time of the year last three days are dedicated to the 3 main goddesses.

abc said...

Kewl...Durga puja..liked d snaps. ya ya u gals swear by shopping.
n'joy d time.. y r so tnsed wid lyf? hve some fun.
best of luck.

Sourav !!! said...

Would miss home and Durga Puja this time !! :(

i'm sure you would keep me updated !

Do come back to my blog an follow if you like to :)
In love with me and life

rimz said...

yew..u r d 1st...

rimz said...

For us its not 'pretty' early ,as puja is very much in d air frm now only....
ya navaratri s also celebrated at almst same time...

rimz said...

thanx fr droppin. yep i m tensed wid lyf dear...dsnt mattr m n'joyin n not studyin at ol now....:)

rimz said...

welcome to my blog.
Yep its a bit bad feeling staying outside during pujas..
I'll try to kip u updated...:)

Andy said...

luved it...:)

Zeba said...

Happy durga puja to you too! I have Bengali friends who like you are already excited about it!!! hope you have an awesome awesome time. I loved reading this post. I felt like I was out there in the streets bargaining for cheap jewelry.

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

happy puja to you that u have mentioned might spot me in your city during the festival time!!!

rimz said...


rimz said...

Hie dearie. thanx for likin the post n welcome to my blog...:)
yep we become to excited at dis time of d year...:)

rimz said...

hie sid. Thanx for wishing.
n ya u r welcome to my city...:)


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