Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I was tagged by AJai quiet some time ago, and I remembered it only after sapphire tagged me.. I am not much confident about this "TAGGING" thing. Lets try. Trying the ABC tag. (Sapphire, my next post is obviously gonna be the reply of your tagging..Lets try and make the first shot with this one.)

A: About me? Confused soul

B: Bothered about? many stuffs on earth.Friends' troubles, sem's result, coming dinner, puja shopping..

C: Carrier concern? Too much (though I am not sure yet, whether I'll opt for job or Masters after graduation. C for Confused again....:P).

D: Dare to do? Nothing(daring) in fact. I actually belong to the coward and cravenly sort.

E: Eager to? Blow people(whom I don't like) out of their head by my spiteful words...:P(you don't be afraid)

F: Fighting for? Everything I feel right, but others assume wrong ...(most of the time with myself only).

G: Going gaga over? Ohh ..there are sooo many. I actually can do a tagging on their names, most of them are fictitious though; from Icarus to Edward Cullen, from David Copperfield to Gail Wyand or Francisco'D Anconia....I like them allll...:)

H: Hell or heaven? I prefer the statement " It is better to rule hell than to serve heaven." :)

I: I love? Myself the most and anything and everything that makes Me comfortable.

J: Job description? Truly madly deeply Jobless.

K: Know-how? I have that only of how to do arguments with others, and while doing so the only logic I tame in my mind is 'I am right' anyways or anyhow.

L: Loyal to? Myself and most people close to me or with whom I have interacted, or who truly need my loyalty....:)

M: Music I am humming now? Intehaan ho gayi intezaar ki, ayi na kuch khabar........

N: Nose for? Male perfumes, their fragrance stay much longer than ours..:) [Park avenue, Axe classic n chocolate..]

O: Obsessive about? Shoes and chocolates....

P: Prepared for? Every time I think I am prepared for everything, something happens in reality that leaves me nowhere and just creating the dejavu sense once again "How dumb I am!"...

Q: Quest for? Stability of my CG . [center of Gravity..:P].

R: Reality? SUCKS.... [I am gonna complete my graduation within 8 months, still no campusing and I am not prepared for any Masters' exams either...]

S: Shameful about? Often creating scenes ,when amongst friends in the most unlikely places for the most unlikely reasons..:P

T: Tired Of? Doing tensions .[Well, that's typical of a girl, isn't it?]

U: Useful words for me? Get lost, I don't know....:P

V: Vacation? Yes, I need one urgently,preferably to some hill stations. Darjeeling or Sikkim will do.

W: Waiting for? 6th sem result.

X: X-factor? I dont know, none has ever said anything about it. I personally think I dont have any..:P

Y: Yelling at? Many people at the moment. I am irritated for a lot of reasons for last few days.

Z: Zebra crossing? Well I generally don't cross roads following them [whether be it the road or the mind, I move on my own according to my own will and so meet frequent accidents ..:P, well they cant knock me down anyways..hihi].

Now,that I am done with the "TAG" with all the stuffs that came spontaneously to my mind,you have known how idiotic, dumb, insane, selfish I could be rather I am , please do comment and let me know how badly you disliked this post[I tried hard, perhaps couldn't do better than this]. Comments for betterment is most welcome .
Thank you for going through this one ( If you have come this much..:D) cause personally I don't like my this post much.


abc said...

awiee... nice written. I love ur A n Q the most. kip writing frnd...all the best.

Sapphire said...

hey :) nice list :) waiting for your next post :D

RAY7 said...


AJai said...

he he... nice to know abt u. :)

abc said...
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Andy said...

Good writing skill. witty n pretty blog. likied ur blog girl..

sawan said...

nice tag :)

VeNkY said...

Rimz well written. Modesty ehei. liked ur witty answers

rimz said...

thanx for joining my blog and thanx for liking it. keep coming...:)

thnku thanku. ya ya my nxt tag wil be a rply to urs...:)

rimz said...

thank u girl.

rimz said...

ohh i stunned to know dt its 'actually' nice to know ol d rubbish abt me..hahah..:P..

rimz said...

thanx for dropping by and liking the post.:)

rimz said...

Thanx. Thanx for dropping by. liked ur tag too, hope i'll try dat one soon. tk cr..:)

rimz said...

Thanx for liking d blog . dint have any idea ppl wil like dis one also..hehe..modesty, yeah, dt one +ive thing i do hve..:) hihi..
tk cre.
N now i tag U...

angel in disguise.... said...

hmmm...felt taht u are a bit too tensed abt life , exams and ur results...i guess u need a break...hill stations are best..enjoy n come back refreshed!:)

VeNkY said...

rimz i ve already done this tag before. Same but different ABC confused see it u will know

divsi said...

hehe..m readin this post on gprs sweetie..:) its a long tym na??
abc...hhehe..wonder who created this tag;)

rimz said...

@Angle in disguise:
yep i kno i need a brk, but als, i cant manage one until next year(perhaps)...
thnx for droppin by.

rimz said...

I saw ur tag. Dts d common one.
I had vry less idea abt this taggin stuff ,so while doin dis one, i creatd d questions myself only. I dnt kno evn whethr dts d proper taggin or not. According to alphanbets i chose d ques spontaneously and wrote my own answers....:):D

rimz said...

yeah, i m seeing u gal in my blog aftr a pretty long time... Arrey n this tag questions r made by me only, aftr doing it m realising dt i was nt supposed to do such...hehe...i made i own set of ques n answeres dem accordingly.....:)

Escapist said...

Loved it !
Interesting A&Q..


Vyshu said...

Enjoyed it..!

H made me laugh !

You aint bad at tags..:) I loved ur witty answers..:)

rimz said...

thanx for visiting my blog n thanx for liking it...:)

rimz said...

Hi . thanx. i loved that u njoyed n liked dis post as it was least expected...:)
thanx.. kip coming. :)

Leo said...

nice tag! :)

H was very funny! even i m obsessive about chocolates! :D

VeNkY said...

rimz three awards waiting for you check out my blog

rimz said...

thanx for dropping in my blog n finding it interesting...:) kip comin.
tk cre...:)

rimz said...

ya i checked it out. Its cool. Congrats to u n thanx for me...:)
tk cre...:)

Atulya said...

Ur ABC tag is to kiddish but it definitely makes us think abt a kid still alive in all of us..

Again a gr8 1 !!!


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