Sunday, September 20, 2009


I dwell in the heart of my city.
I hardly feel suffocated here
Among all the congestion
And over-tight scheduled have-to-dos.

I love the fastness of the metro city,
I love the speed of the cars,
I love the dust, pollution,
Even the tight traffic .

Last night I was standing with
Two close friends on the top
Of a high-riser, not a skyscraper though...
And I had a perfect feeling of OTT.

It was my first time,
When I sensed properly my presence
So Much above earth.
I felt it.
With winds slapping hard against my face
And body,I stood straight to emulate.
I faced it all .

But at a certain point of time
Looking at the sky
And realising its vastness
I felt lonesome
For a few moments,
It was stertorous.
I felt a consternation
As if some apparition
Was present there.
We were discussing about UFOs
And ETs and UAPs ,
Which were just apposite and apropos.
I myself somehow felt like that..:P
It was a mixture of soo
Many thoughts and emotions
And feelings....
Standing Up above the word so high..!!
But above all, and still it was
Over The Top.

[P.S: Perhaps it would have been better if I wrote this one in essay format, yet I wrote it in poem format, just like that. I felt like doing like this only...:), still a bit OTT feeling ..hihi...:)..just wanted to express a bit of my thoughts and feelings as I always do here in my blog, which is actually a vent for my feelings and also provides me a scope to peep in your world..:) ]


Kaka said...

ahha...i was thinking all the way wat was OTT...:P...good write..:)...belated birthday wishes....:)

Sapphire said...

Oh My God! This was so beautifully written :)
I know what you mean - I feel at home even though I live in a busy city, filled with dust, pollution, traffic.....and I loved the way you experienced the Over The Top feeling :D :D Wish You Happy Pujos by the way :)

buckingfastard said...

hey i really liked da complete gud dat u wrote it in poem form...retained da metaphors!!!

abc said...

yepp...i do love kolkata.....d hustle n bustle, d crowd n whole of it.

btw hve u taken d pic?its really nice...

R S V said...

This was one of your best verse I have read....
the flow of emotions was unrestrained yet appeared just at the right places...

Monty.Chesterz said...

Sonar Bangla. Gonna go to CCU soon. \m/ MAN i love being in kolkata...

Yellow Tulip said...

beautiful write :)...thank u for stoppin by and leaving ur thought on one of my poems:)best wishes:)...

Yellow Tulip said...

actually many of my poems:)...hope to see u more:)

N J said...

yeh, i'm in a way admiring the beauty of this city where i dwell... you have penned down the exact way i see through the crowded dusty streets...

rimz said...

Thanku for wishes...
thanku fr liking it...n its good dt u know wats OOT now...:P

Thanku dearie..Happya pujas to u too...:)

Thanx fr liking it...:)

rimz said...

hii...thanx fr liking it, no d pic s nt taken by me...

Thanku fr liking it... yeah its just a flow of emotions rather dan words fr literary form..:)

thanku....N thanku fr loving being in kolkata....:)

rimz said...

@yellow Tulip:
thanku dear...

@N J:
thanku fr liking it... n ya we love our city/...:)

Vinz said...

Penned well..!!

it was an interesting read..!!


divsi said...

ott!!!:)) very nicely written rimz!!! way to go.. ure gettin betta n betta!!:)


Not doubt, this poem format is also good. It's nice, free-flowing reflects your poetic craft!

AJai said...

Hey lovely one Rimz.. I'm amazed that you actually managed to rhyme that and make it so philosphical. Brilliant. :)

rimz said...

thanku dear for droppin by n liking d piece,,..

Ohh, m i really ???!!
thankooo fr such a nice comment..:)

rimz said...

thanx for droppin and liking my thots...

I too was doubtful wether it really can be rhymed..!! it jst happened.

Anonymous said...

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