Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Through the mystique mist.

Its raining cats and dogs outside
And I am inside my cosy room,
Thinking just of You.
Thinking of the charade
My fate played with me.
Or it was you who played all of it?
Who cauterized all the
Flying birds in my azure sky?
I am not blaming you,
Since still I am befuddled
Whether you are the real criminal?
Or I am the jilt?!!!
Just trying to sort the reasons out.
I still run for you,
I still spoil my nights and days for you
I still wonder what you do,
I still pray for you.
I still crave to live the memories
Of Us.
Do you even bother to keep
Them in mind?
Or have you Lost them long ago,
On the way to your new-found
I am curious,
Do you have really nothing
More to say me?
I know you never wanted to hear
Though you had to do so.
Do not masquerade
I wanna see your face
Beyond the variegated blur,
In true colors.
I wanna see whether they still
Colors me up
Or just again creates
The pain
That you are No more,
You are Nowhere,
You Were,
You were just a mere illusion
Whose capricious blabbering
Fascinated me,
For whom I lived
A decade in just ten months.
You are no more,
You are no where.
Its me, it always have been me....
And it always will be about and
Just because of Me.
You stand there
Outside my misty glass,
I am not sure how long
The mist will last
And how long you will
Be there.
But when the mist will
And I'll open the window,
I know,
Neither the mist nor you will be there...
The sun will shine again.
Still I gaze at the mystique mist
May be its the last time
I am seeking , seeing and feeling you..!!!
I don't know I want you or not,
How much I love you,
Even if I love you at all.
I just fell ,still creeping and crawling,
In the shade of love of your existence.
[P.S: Somewhat fictitious, some what from mind.....]


Krishanu said...

These emotions are so true that I dare not to comment about the feelings, each of them more heart warming (and aching??) than the other one...

But what I can tell that I liked the essence and melancholic tune...

Bhalo thakish...

Rohit Dassani said...

Hey nice....sweet poem!! Works grt!!

Guria said...

still creeping and crawling,In the shade of love of your existence.

What a way to end the poem! Likening the weather to feelings! Well done!

Sei banglar manush, kabya o kobita amader rokte achhe! Darunn! :)

sonali said...

its raining cats and dogs in ma place....loved it, and the climate here totally supported your post ;)

Sourav !!! said...

Something distantly hazy is what I can see through your post !

There is more life to your words than you intended .. it went beyond your cropped down thoughts and it turned to be as beautiful as you are :)

P.S. It's neither raining cats nor dogs here in New Delhi :P

R S V said...

"For whom I lived
A decade in just ten months."
dumb is what I am.... with words flowing through my mind...

Yogesh said...

ur poem is equally proportional to the weather outside...

really beautifully woven..
keep it up...

if at all u r broken...
get over it...
or else every weather will seem to be like one...lols..

tke cre
b well..
Yogesh Goel

vEnKy said...

let me guess did you right in the memory of your friend who left lately hmm , am i right.

MultiMenon said...

Oh my god!!! Sweet.. :) I would say this was ur best ever(from all that I've read.. )

still creeping and crawling,In the shade of love of your existence.

Ohhhhhh no!!! :) wat a finishing line.. I suck at poetry.. :( but yeah,anyways,enjoy reading great poems such as this.. :))

Take care.. :)


divsi said...

u labelled it as stupid feelings...??:O maddo itz these which sum up as life!!
lovelllliee pic:)

lotsa luv,

Sai Charan... said...

Hi Rimz,

"Through the mystique mist" has this great combination - overflowing emotions mixed in right proportions with thoughts on rain and mist outside.

The poem is like a flowing river from beginning till the end with continuous chain of thoughts.

I'm visiting this blog for the first time and I found it really nice and cool. Keep writing more, wish you good luck buddy :)


abc said...

just loved the subtleness of d flowing poem....
hope d mist clears soon...
kip smiling..:)

Andy said...

too touchy.... dnt nid to b so saddy saddy dear... b happy....:)
kip smiling...


R S V said...

hey check out..
an award awaits you.....

Being Pramoda... said...

hey ..wonderful expressions and a very nice write up :)

I admired the sensitiveness in this post..keep ecpressing :)

Vyshu said...

awwwww....i loved it sweetie..!

I realized after reading your poem ..Feeling can be best shown through the weather changes ! You did a splendid job ..:)

The weather in ma place is in sink with your poem ..:D

workhard said...

Very emotional work..

Good writing..

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pawan said...

That was an intense thought!
The way you defined the environment outside surely proves that ur a nature freak!

Reaaly I am amazed at ur patience and skill to write such a long post, err poem!

Keep up the good work!

Leo said...

umm... i've missed this poem i think! a bit sleepy mood.. will drop by in the morning! :)

dropped in to say u've been tagged! :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

Nice work yaar :)
My first visit to ur blog & am already impressed :)

hey btw i have a blog about movies ,i saw in ur profile that "A WALK TO REMEMBER" is one of ur fav films ,i had put the film up in my blog ,do kindly check out & let me know as to whether i have done justice to the film :)

keep blogging :)

N J said...

Sweet thought :)

Ashish said...

Beautifully written. keep it up!

rimz said...


Thanx for liking this one so much, never expected ki my thots may b liked this much...
once again than you all... loads of luv...

@ Venky:
no that one n dis one r nt d same person...:)

R S V said...

I am finding it quite interesting...
you must try it rimz....I think u can write really beautiful 55-stories..
just try once..
(I am afraid I didn't find your response that much encouraging!!)
I don't have ur email so here..delete it...

Atulya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Atulya said...

"How much I love you,
Even if I love you at all.
I just fell ,still creeping and crawling,
In the shade of love of your existence."

I can't explain hw much i can relate wid whole poem..

Option 3: Writer cum poet..

Pratikash Bagh said...

sooo beautifully expressed...really love the unique style of the flow of words...amazing ending....keep it up..ur work but not da melancholy :)

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