Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Number Tag

I was tagged by Kaka in August. I am ultimately doing the Tag now. This is a numbers' Tag.

So, here comes the Tag.

1 One Younger brother, Jaani dushaman yet a real Darling.

2 Two eyes to see and understand the world around.

3 Three fictitious crushes of mine: Francisdo'D Anconia, Gail Wyand, Edward Cullen.

4 Fourth May Birthday of younger brother.

5 Five fingers...:) For beating and slapping...:P

6 Six sportsperson I adore :

  • Sourav Ganguly.
  • Sachin Tendulkar.
  • Saina Nehwal.
  • Yuvraj.
  • Narayan Kartikeyan.
  • Michael Clarke.

7 Seven Things I am loving to do these days:

  • Be a Lazy Daisy and at sleeping at odd hours of day
  • Watching college football matches.
  • Having junk foods.
  • Listening loud music.
  • Reading books .
  • Blogging.
  • Chatting with close friends in installments..:).
8 Eight things I dont like:

  • Dishonesty and knavery,tall talks.
  • Lies just for nothing.
  • Muddy streets.
  • Disturbance during sleeping.
  • Interference when I am talking.
  • Claiming without deserving.
  • Emotional 'attyachars'.
  • 'chipku' people.

9 Nine movies I love to watch again and again:

  • A walk to Remember.
  • Princess Diaries I.
  • Princess Diaries II.
  • Chak De India.
  • Dil Chahta Hain,.
  • Rock On.
  • Bicentennial Man.
  • Pursuit of happyness.
  • Anuranan.(Bengali).

10 Ten top things now in my wishlist:

  • To get my desired project instructor in this semester.
  • To have two more pair of shoes for this puja.
  • To give a nice exam on 4th Oct.
  • To get a satisfactory job before 2009 ends.
  • To shed a bit before puja inspite of having regular junkies.
  • To have a Big fight with some good Old friends.
  • To read 3mistakes of my life, The kite runner and A thousand Splendid Suns.
  • To give someone a new calculator.
  • To get a digiCam ( a DSLR...:P), though I know I wont get it this year.
  • To have Loads of Chocolates whenever I want To,and whichever I want to...:)

Ahhh... ultimately I am done with the tag...its such a relief...:)


soin said...

narian karthikeyan?? come on apart from the first indian f1 driver he is quite bad..
and gail wyand??nice ...and every damn girl wants the fictional and reel edward cullen..the reel one is over rated

Leo said...

hey, very nice tag! hope u get all those wishes in ur wish list! :)

ps: could u disable word verification? its a headache when commentin from mobile! :)

Sourav !!! said...

Nice to know u so much for the first time :)

We have a lot in common too, in terms of movies and novels !

Keep blogging :)

vEnKy said...

so you are pup fan huh i hate him to the core. You can download an e book of three mistakes of my life. I can help you out with that.

Kaka said...

nice tag..:)...watching college footy mathces..uh?..

sonali said...

hey i guess it was in a hurry, not number of things but the number related to your life, yet it was informative...keep posting :)

rimz said...

Ya aftr completin n postin d blog i thot alisha abdullah wud hve been a btr choice dn narayan.:)
Gail wyand is a ideal character....
N ya Edward Cullen....i dont exactly 'want' him, bt liked him, but actually aftr reading the sequels Jacob Black seems more interesting...:)

rimz said...

thanx dear fr visitin n hopin fr fulfilment of my long wishlist..:)..

hve diabled word verification..:)

rimz said...


rimz said...

Clarke is actually a childhood crush of mine...In d beginning of his career he 'used' to play well n i remember once these newspaperwalas compared him with Sachin n said he s d future sachin or smthing lyk dt....(!!!!!!!..:P) ,thts y liked him..

N ya U cn send me d link fr dloadin 3mistakes.

rimz said...

yep watching....especially males' bitchings is a thing to be noted smetimes...:P. here in engg. clges senior teams threaten juniors not win....yet if smetime d juniors win ohh...wat hell scenes take place...:)

rimz said...

ya u r write girl..I created dis post quiet hastily...:)

abc said...

ooohh....grt tag....must b a spontaneous one...btw wat do find so interesting abt dis cullen vamp??...:P

R S V said...

Michael Clarke?? may be yes, he is deemed to be next Punter...
Pursuit of Happyness is great movie
best of luck 4 4th Oct but which exam? may I know?
read Kite runner and thousand suns before 3 mistakes...

a nice tag..this tag thing in blogosphere is somehow getting on me!!

Being Pramoda... said...


all the best for ur wishes to come true..try n try, u will definetly get good job soon.:)

"Chipky" people..meanss??

WIsh u as many as chacolates u want ..:)..:)

Have nice time..:)


Krishanu said...

I have understood this tag thing finally....

You are right... Alisha Abdullah would have been a better choice...

The kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns are must reads... you can get second hand books at Golpark or College street...

And I remember you had a cut out of Michael Clarke with you...!!!!!

hey hey hey!!!

and having a good fight with some people... I can give you a few names!!!!

rimz said...

thnx fr likin it.edward cullen s intersting though Black is more...

rimz said...

@R S V:
yep,Clarke s my childhood crush...:P
4th oCt is JSPL GET...though, now a new tension has come b4 dat...
yep i'll read dose 2 soon.

rimz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rimz said...

Thanku dear, for ur best wishes...)
Its not'chipky' its 'chipku', means those ppl who always tends to stick on u...:P

N ya thnx fr d chocolates...:)

tk cre...hve a nice time.

rimz said...

hehehe...Alisha Abdullah....Kash ami orom hote partam....:D
Michael Clarke ta ekhn buro hoye geche, tokhn valo chilo...:P

Good fight...yep i know u can know dem...:P

Shruti said...

hey Rimz
My first time here!
You have handled the tag very well!
""5 fingers to slap :P""
its a gud one :)

Keep smiling!

divsi said...

u like clarke:) bingo!!!!!
n whom do ya wanna gift the calci?:)

Aparna said...

Random blog hopping landed me here and what a pleasure! Have not come across this tag before. Really enjoyed reading it.
Always nice to connect with a person from Kolkata. It is one of my favourite cities.

abdul hai said...


rimz said...

Hii,thanx for visiting my blog.
tk cre.kip smiling...:)

rimz said...

yep i liked clarke a lot, my early teenage crush..:)

I lost someone's calci.When i wanted to buy him one, he said he dnt nid calci anymore.
But still i wanna giv one...

rimz said...

Thanx for visiting my blog n likin it..
i loved to hear others' likin fr kolkata...:)

rimz said...


Andy said...

ver nice tag....:)

workhard said...

Oh i wanna read the Kite Runner and A thousand Splendid Suns.. i heard they really good...

Out of curiousity.. why would u wanna have a big fight with good old friends. i d love to have a big fight with someone i dont knw.. so i can punch them and get away with it...;)

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Atulya said...

omg!! hw can u be so creative, so overtly talented, born genius.. I feel really jealous when such words are used infront of me 4 ne1 else.. But lemme say, u deserve those words!!

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