Friday, September 25, 2009

Meaningless feelings.

Cant find words, yet I need them.
I want to share something,
But I wonder what is it ...
I want to ensconce here.

What I want? what I get..!!
I don't know myself.
Perhaps I have lost all and everything
But again I cant recall what it is.

Do I really need some prerogative??
But for what? for whom?
I keep dawdling around with
Preposterous resentment.

Infidelity hurts, it has made me
Indifferent towards anything.
Yet still cannot infringe the vague inferno.
Why?the question still remains.

Do you feel a bit compassionate
Or move your face exasperatingly?
I am indeed waiting for the evangel.
Still I doubt ,whether it can make me happy.!

I cant ,rather don't denunciate anybody.
But what is this going?
It was supposed to be fine and alright.
But everything is going insouciant.
Detrimental thoughts are instilling.

I know I'll convalesce soon.
Yet I hate the present state .
Cant define what actually it is.
Inanity, languor,incubus,complex or
A Mixture (may be compound) of all.....

[P.S:This was written pretty time back. I have convalesced from that state now....But often this type of feelings occur, One cant help it, you know....Its the characteristic of age.......:)...:P ]


Atulya said...

Indeed , these feeling come again and again.. u knw, goin' through ur post i always feel the need of dictionary.. N it's keeps me reminding about my poor vocab..

somehow even i m going thru the same phase, so can relate to it...

thanx for commenting and finding my post not boring...

Anonymous said...

this stage of life is about finding urself out....and it is during those times that one feels lost in the world.. its just like you don't where you want to go yet you are going somewhere which u find relevant...

a yet another beautiful piece of verse......
I am in love with the way you express your feelings through these poems...
seriously I never found poems so illuminating...infact I used to scare away from them....but you have made me FEEL them....
too good....

Being Pramoda... said...

beautiful feelings and even more beautifully written..keep it up.:)

Samadrita said...

I can totally relate to your feelings.Happens to me too you said 'characteristic of age' :P
Btw is it me or did I just comment on this post last night and still can't see it?

Anyway happy pujas!

divsi said...

it happens!!!!
these random feelings wen u feel doleful...or in doldrums widout any damn reason!!

get up n lisen to yr fav music buddy!!!:)

hav a gr8 durga puja!!

SiMbA tAgO said...

wowie.....ur raelly writing this from the core-heart.... i can sense that ... really an excelent thought to paper... gifted girl..u rimz....

u know it happens with all of us, the age-disorder...really at times things take our nerve...

nice post rimz..again feted....

Sourav !!! said...

You are at a loss of words or is it me girl ? This happens when I read your post !

Sometimes getting 'lost' is the best way to discover and to relate !

P.S. I'm waiting for a Durga-puja post, with few pics .. I'm missing home really bad :(

Subho Durga-Puja :)

vEnKy said...

Whats with you writing a lot of poems. Nice one.

NesQuarX said...

Ooh! Early-Mid life Confusion - aptly described!

NEHA said...

really awesomely written!
keep penning


naveen said...

nice blog nice articles great , you write this articles ur own

अनिल कान्त : said...

you right
by the way ultimate poem...superb

####s#h#a#n#K#Y####### said...

well written :)

Harini said...

Really well written :). I loved it a lot :).

rimz said...

Thanx for likin and feeling it..:)

thanku dear.. i m overwhelmed... nevr thot my thots wud b praised soo much..

thanku dear.. ur praises keeps me goin some how..

rimz said...

thanku dearie..:)

yep i know dear it happens, it was written long back.. m ok now..:)

thanku , thanku soo much for likin d piece..:)

rimz said...

Ahhha...i m feeling shy...u r praising me too much now...:)

yeah, just d mood comes often..:P

thanku for droppin by n likin it.

rimz said...

@ neha:
thanku sweetie for likin it..:)

@ naveen:
thanx for droppin by, obviously dese r ol my own creations...:)
my pet thots..

thanx for droppin by n likin it..

rimz said...

thanku for droppin by nd likin the piece

ahh..thanku fr liking it..:)

Anonymous said...

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