Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random thoughts.

I wonder how the crowd has encircled me.
Early teenage solitude seems a bliss now.
Works to be done, responsibilities to be carried out.
Going gaga for various things at various times.

Just Dreaming to be alone now.
Who will let me ,to be so?

Often I feel lost in these
Dastardly earthy hues.
So much ears, so much eyes
Open just for me?

Just to praise or criticise me.!?
Or just they pretend..!!!
I hear and see so much of them.
Never felt so crowded ever before...

Zonked of hearing the jabberings.
Euphorian dreams exhorting the cravenly mind.

I need some space, some solitude
Some bliss.

Its not:
"The tyrant claims freedom to kill freedom".
I have plenty of it.
Yet the 'yet' remains.
I am confused,

I am lost


Anonymous said...

hey Rimz, i liked this! :)

esp. the last 3 lines.. good one!

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

oh my... too heavy to digest...but nice words...:D

Rajlakshmi said...

Thats a beautifully worded write..
Yet will always remain no matter what we do.. Thats hw life is..
Lovely poem.

Atulya said...

Nice one..
Sweet n Simple..
Last para left the readers feel connected..


Anonymous said...

Just Dreaming to be alone now.
Who will let me ,to be so?...

chocolate lover said...

hi di,
that was really sweet..
liked it a alot
especialy the last one..

Yellow Tulip said...

nice one dear:)...

tristarfivestar said...

wow i liked this.. where do you come up with these stuff?

divsi said...

Never felt so crowded ever before...

lovely....wery well expressed..the confusionn, the emotions, very nice!

AJai said...

anything but random that... u've obviously spent a lot of time on it. but why do u feel that you are being intruded upon?

Being Pramoda... said...

hi rimz, adulthood is a part of life and these emotions are part of it ..

enjoy them with a smile at ur face and with courage at heart..

rimz said...

thanku for liking it.:)


yep u r right. thanku./:)

rimz said...

yep i kno ,its typical 'our age syndrome'...:P


thanku sweetie..:)

rimz said...

thanku dear...:)

these r js my mind's thought..:)

thankoo so much..:)

rimz said...

I often feel intrude cause often ppl forces me to tell things that i prefer to kip upto myslf only..:(

yeah i agree with you..its right..these feelings ..we cnt avoid dem..:(

Miss_Nobody said...

"Yet the yet reamins"Loved it.The last three lines are awesome!

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Ah! The life of a commoner. No longer we are out of school we are to face a totally strange world. Prying eyes. Suddenly we feel we have set foot in a different space, one that's not too friendly. We have freedom and "yet" we crave for it, and as you said "we are dazed and confused." Beautiful words.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Well written, some parts seemed more complex than the others but good going!


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