Saturday, June 21, 2008


"FRIENDS" ~~ So important a word in all of our Lives. Its apparently such a simple word, but it bounds soo much of complexities in with it which may not be visible apparently.
From our early childhood we feel the need and importance of friends in our life.
Firstly as our playmates friends come in our life, then in school and colleges friends are our soulmates. Not seeing them for a day, or not sharing the itsy bitsies of day to day life makes us feel uncomfortable.
Be it boasting, be it advices ; friends' words are always to be considered.
But Do all Friends really LoVe Each other Selflessly???
And what does LoVe in friendship mean???
And lastly the patent and one of the most regular questions...
A girl and a boy can ever be true friends and friends only???
In this post i would mainly like to discuss my opinion about the questions mentioned above by me.I will share some of my feelings and thoughts with the readers.
I dont think TRUE and selfless friendship truely exists these days.I dont deny the helpfulness of friends in the examination hall when a few minutes are left to go, and some pretty marks left unanswered.The friend helps.But theres one condition:
Only if he/she is completed with his/her paper and almost nothing else left to be written by him/herself.
And I dont deny the thing is same with me also,unless and until I have completed my paper with my knowledge and really want ot know something MORE to do better, i will help the friend in the expectation that i will also get some help from that friend.
So, The main thing is Expectation.
This thing is mainly noticeable amongst the college students like me.
LOVE in friendship is a more complex term according to me.
Present age is all about selfishness and self fulfillments.
We need to share our thoughts our feelings, we need some suggestions, we are in troubles and want to go out of it. SO ,we need and take help of FRIENDS.
Same thing vice-versa.
Friendship between girls and boys is a normal terms to me, i find nothin odd and weird in this thing ; may be because i used to be in a co-ed school and now, in my college in my Mechanical Engineering department i am the only girl amongst 72 students. But to many people, not only the old and orthodox, but also in the minds of many youth and educated it is still NOT QUIET AN ACCEPTABLE concept.
I myself am also often confused on this topic may be due to circumstances and others. I can think a guy my friend. But when this guy proposes, the situation changes. And in most cases the guys, who once used to be very very nice and close friend ,after proposing and being rejected turns out to be very bad and also denies to continue friendship as before.This thing has happened quiet 3,4 times in my life.
And i really dont understand this thing.
How can once-very-close friends turn soo very rude and obstinate.
They even dont wanna see my face any more.
One of this guy told me "Friendship has No destiny.Its bound to end. But if u get committed with me the relation will last for ever, but friendship is very shortlasting".
I thought very deeply about this line.
They may be true to some extent but can never be solely true according to me, as I am experienced both ways.I loved some one ,perhaps still my soul loves him, i got him as i was one of luckiest gal on earth ,but lost him due to some unknown reasons.So, it is not true that if you are truely committed, the relation is gonna last forever.
And I have friends whom I know and am intimate from Nursery-I,that we are friends for almost 17 years now.
So, it cant ever be said ki that friendship has no lasting.


Weltmeister said...

You see, nothing is forever, except time. You can only do so much as to ensure that it lasts for a long, long time. Friendship, love - all this falls into the ambit of uncertainty...:)

It's your will alone that makes or breaks relationships!!!

rimz said...

thanks for ur valuable comment.

Anonymous said...

Who are you, mate? I'm absolutely stumped by the fact that ur thoughts, your emotions and everything you are is so like me! Take this as simply a comment of a passer-by, or one o those net-sitters or a tru one, i don give a damn. But, i havent found a person more similar to me, I MUST say!!! A novice photographer,person whu thinks tru friendship is an obsolete thing, person whu believes tht any kinda bonding within the same sex is a thing o the past,etc etc!!!! The very few differences would probabli lie in the language we speak, and the gender.!!! I must say once again, I'm SIMPLY STUMPED!!!

Anonymous said...

And, I've posted this comment here, after readin al ur posts.. If you still do check your old posts, then that wud just be another similarity!!! Let us see how soon you do!! And oh yeah, all the very best fr ur exams!!!

rimz said...

ahhhh...though m a bit late,yet i checked d older post n checked ur comments...thnx for droppin here..
kip comin...:)


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