Saturday, June 28, 2008


To me life is just like this picture........
Cannot exactly determine, what it is, from which way to view from??!!!
I don't know whether this doubt exists in every human mind at certain times or NOT...But it swirls around my mind several times a month, rather a week.May be according to some people i think too much, some may say i think n say rubbish too much.
But being a reader and reading THE ALCHEMIST twice, tried , rather i still try to detangle the knots of life named Puzzle.
I follow my mind being inspired by Santiago, but again after some days i feel, is my mind dictating me the right thing????!!!!!!
My brain shows me different logic.
On my this situation I would love to quote a dialogue from a movie,
"The question will always haunt me.
Abh kya manzil aur kya fasle, lagta hain saab farq mit gaye.Hum apne chahat ko pane ke lie kya kuch nehi karte. Lekin Kabhi saab Dau pe lagakar bhi kuch miley to lagta hain ki, Hum zindegi se yeh to nehi manga tha......."
(now dere is no goal, no gap between the goal, everything has been demolished.To reach our goal we do evrybit. But sometime even if we get some thing after betting our life, we feel, did i really want this ???)
Its soo true na....????
Life has given me the every bit i desired for in my life. i never demanded more from life, I was pleased with my life.
But my life has an habit of snatching away my much desired possessions from me, within a short time.May be in some cases it is my fault.
Its like i desire for a hot cup of coffee in chilly winter evening, and someone gives that to me with much pleasure n make me pleased but within a few secs that person throws ice cubes in it......
What can i do den then other than keeping the cup aside??!!!!
Yeah, time has given many answers, solved many queries .......but still is time always dependable....??!!
Am confused with people's school of thought as well as mine.
Some say Time heals all wounds, some others say one should decide his/her own fate by healing own wounds..
Though am a bit diplomatic on this matter, i live things on time which i really cant tackle, and manage at least try to manage them , what i can....may be thats where the Problem lies...


acidVox said...

time is important but ones own will is much more important in achieving order out of th chaos your mind is in right now !

rimz said...

yeah dats true, but often aur mind are not in d condition for talkin d cntrl over it.

acidVox said...

den and dere our menta nerves are tested , how fast we can control our mind ... that is what we need to find out and perfect

rimz said...

yeah u r rite Mr. acidVox.
But amar prottyutponnomotitto bole kichu e nai j...!!!!


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