Saturday, July 17, 2010

Months of CurseS and BlesseS.

'17' is now a hard-to-forget-day of my life.

Though my first job's formal joining date was April, 19'2010, as the office was not fully ready for joining of the new employees, I joined the office from 17th May'10. But 3rd June was my last day at that office.I was not much satisfied there as because most of it were paper work , and it was like a punishment for a mechanical engineer to do those stuffs only through out days,nights,weeks and months.
My last semester examination was starting from 8th of June[This examination date also got postponed due to the famous 'MUNICIPAL VOTE' Festival.]
The sinister(oops. semester.,.!!) ended on 15th June with much tensions and chapped nails[As my last examination was my Elective III-Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and my head was becoming too jammed with all the wires and coils and graphs.]. Among all this my interview result of another company came out, with my name in the confirmation mail. But as
my fate goes, like always - there was small '?' marks on my forehead as beside my name it was written "will be called for another interaction". 
Ultimately we were called on 17th June.And after waiting for an hour or so ultimately our turn came, all were given a bunch of forms to fill up, and I was picked up and taken to GM(P & HRD) for 'interaction' with the person under whom I was supposed to be placed. Our medical check ups and all took place and we were given Offer letters that very day , along with the declaration that we were the employees of the company from that day only. We were happy, I was peaceful.
So, from that day my job life started in true and proper sense, the way as I consider it.

Professional life --- It's weird, it's good, it's pathetic, it's sympathetic, it's empathetic.
It's a kind of world,  just after the college where I can easily use all the mentioned adjectives together. People are strange- politicians,diplomats, always doing- namby-pamby -ones, jealous ones, zealous one, intimidated ones, dominating ones. I know many of you know this 'real' world',  but it's totally a brand new world for me. It's my dream place , yet it's the hard-core reality. I fly here, still I need to fix my feet firmly on the ground to thrive and strive.

Today is another '17', I complete Two months of my professional life. It's hectic, yet I like it. It may kill me, yet I live for it. The person who couldn't stay awake if she didn't have a 8 hrs sleep daily,now works with hardly six and half hours sleep daily. that doesn't matter much, cause she is happy.

PS: Sorry dear friends and readers for being so late to post this. Hope you can understand the phase of tension, anxiety and currently hectic life that I am going through.

Take care.
Have a nice Day.


Rajlakshmi said...

ohh the proff life bug has bitten you finnaly :D
enjoy :)

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

aaah....the good old tension...:P all the best....come back soon!!!

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

It has been many days though!!

Welcome to professional life, its good that you are happy :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hiiiii...welcme back..

Nice to know abt u and ur phase of today's professional life..

prof life like that only...once we r out of college, this world gives us every kind of challenge possible..

wish u all the best to get succeeded..:)

Sudeep said...

well written.. professional life might be hectic, but doing what you love to do always gives you better energy levels

Krishanu said...

What do they call an "woman of steel"??

"Ispat"ini ???

Unruly Rebel said...

ahh, dats what we call engg's fun to see others havin at ur sake..keep enjoyin n keep posting.. :)

My SPacE- Wen i was a boy

T. Mukherjee said...

please read and criticise:

Adhi Das said...

gud writing!!!!

BEENA said...

a good work....


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