Thursday, July 3, 2008


I am a damn Pessimist.

Still now , my blog has really few readers. Hopefully those few will not shut my blog , reading the above bold line.

But the fact is true, dat I am a pessimist. I start evry little bit thing in my lyf with a negative thought . All people around me curse me for this nature of mine. But once and only once I explained to someone why i am so. That person liked or at least pretended ki , he liked my reasoning.

Thats why i want to share my thought with U...

SOmeone ( i cant definitely say,who ) "A PESSIMIST IS AN EXPERIENCED OPTIMIST".

I am a staunch fan of this one liner.

I too used to be an OPTIMIST once upon a time, when i used to have big dreams in my eyes and always worked hard to make my dreams turn into reality.Even after my quiet a few breakage of dreams i continued to be an optimist.

But being an optimist really paid me NOTHING, just NOTHING, except disappointment( hotasha will be a more appropriate word for it).

But being a pessimist helped me lot.I am always prepared for the worst of the situtation. BUT WHY?

Do i really want the negatives to happen?????
Not at all.Its the deep urge from inside to see and feel the positive ,that keeps the worst in my mind to keep me prepared for the next confrontation, in case the recent one fails.
So, being a pessimist is not being negative, or really wishin n praying for something devastating, but merely keeping the mind prepared, so that in case something wrong goes, the mind dont get a severe shock and be able to stannd up again and face the next battle boldly enuf...
Well, thats my view point .I know most people will not get and readily accepy my viewpoint.
But i cant help it. Am just like that....


acidVox said...

according to me , u are more of a "better-prepared"person rather than a pessimist. being ready for the wrst case scenario doesnt mean u have to be pessimist.

read eternal dreams my blog . it mite help

Atulya said...

Everyone in life suffers from pessimism, but being optimistic just push ourseleves to try , try, try until u really succeed. Bein' a Saggi , i m bound to hope against hope, but still i love my optimism alot, caz i can see a hope when all others give up. Most of the time i falter but Sometimes, just sometimes.. i also win..

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