Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lazy Lamhe...

My 6th semester exam ended on 15th June'09.
After it ended, I was supposed to start studying (in full fledge) for something (Master's degree exams and job exams..:P) . Today is 8th july'o9 and I haven't started studying ,even in slow pace..!! I turned out to be one those monkeys of the monkeys' story (Remember; where the monkeys thought of making their own homes when it rained heavily at night , but the very next morning when the sun shone brightly they forgot totally about making homes and instead played all around and remembered about the making of homes again at night when it poured......) hehe... So ,like the monkeys I hold myself solely culpable for not doing what I am supposed to do.

My lazy day starts around 9A.M(often even later). Now, as it starts late everything happens late. I have my breakfast at 10.15A.M .Then I begin lolling around, that also much lethargically :P. First thing that attracts me after I am awake and after all the indispensible jobs, is the newspaper , though many a times these days it is overflowing with good-for-nothing news. I try to understand politics, latest budgets (Crash of high Hopes..!!!), even office jargons illustrated in the Jobs pages. The kids' page often seems more interesting than the ulterior grown-ups' pages( though I am supposed to be a 'grown-up' by now). The most attracting are the weekend pages loaded with gourmets' delights and various tongue-tickling items..I just loove those...This week I read making pasta at home( ahh not the sunfeast instant one, but the raw ones that can be whipped up from the scratch before actually cooking them,according to the writer). Then another heart-beaters are the hot stories of hot Power packed SUVs ,MUVs (some ,ok ok ,one of which I dream to own some day for sure...but I have doubts about HOW some lazy bone like me will get it some day!!!...:P). The travelogues also are much beloved . Latest one I read was about Antilope Valley in America, that floods with Golden poppy flowers every where apart from other multicolored flowers( remember the scene from Silsila movie...the author only mentioned this ). much story about what I read or take interest in reading....Well doing all these things my morning goes out of my hand and life too...:P..:(. Then I have to go for bathing and having lunch ; well thats pretty time taking matter for me like most girls... After that I sit for watching TV for sometime...but ohhh shit, I hate it....Yesterday I was going through different channels and in one of the channels saw a World famous Indian Designer in white shirt and an oh-so-yuck deep green trousers.... even worse showpieces are often visible . I get zonked too early seeing all these and many a time take interest in taking a mid day nap, otherwise story books and music or computer accompanies me, and often I dance with the music like nobodys really watching(am a bad dancer in all true senses). In evenings and early nights I generally go through the random blogs, story books or go online with friends. I watch movies very less as I am not much a movie-buff and do not have so much of patience to watch a whole movie at a time, but by watching the sentimental ones I cant control my tears...:P.
So much of dawdling....and yet I dont get tired of it.. Then there are the long calls from friends sharing every little daily interesting stuffs, often serious too [evrything practically, ranging from others' (boy or girl)friends to computers' health] . That takes a pretty long time of the day. But often carte-blanche of talking-too-much over the phone is being snatched away from me. At such times I often show some sheer bravura , other times remain befuddled. Then I turn to study to somehow bludgeon all the denunciations on me, may be to requite those...:P But I cant continue this chicanery for long....go berserk and put books aside and sit in front of the computer chatting bilge with people . So, naturally the computer also becomes bete-noire after some time. Then I again try hard to concentrate on 'study books' n try to solve the oh-so easy-yet-I cant-solve questions....This time I get really frustrated and then eyes go to the clock(ohhh it struck 2 or 2.15 A.M) and yet I dont feel sleepy, as I already had quiet adequate amount of sleep... Then as its night time, I again have the monkeys' story n realisations running through mind, though in vain, as I am no better than them. After sometime I go under the sheets remembering what all scoldings and often derisions even , I have to hear the next morning if I get up after 9.15A.M. Now sleep..... I have some oddest dreams on earth [ like- sitting on the street in front of university Gate with a friend and talkin, my cousin bro walkin and climbing on my lap, school friends coming and sitting beside me;
Another- Notice comes to my home notifying that I am supposed to do My 4th year in another college and fees of a mere Rs 21,000/- is to be submitted jaw drops even in my dreams.... :D]

Well this is my daily 'LazY LamhE' story , it may sound a bit cliche' , or a bit interesting but one should never ever try or practise this, though me myself do, knowing how much harful it is...!!!.

Now I am a bit tensed as I'll be out of the city for 2 weeks for Industrial Training in DSP(Durgapur Steel Plant), and I have neither packed my things, nor I have any idea where will I stay after going there. I am the only girl of our college's gang comprising 7 students, I'll not be staying in the hotel and I dont have any relatives out there. Lets see what happens,lets hope for the best...:).

I'll obviously write about my experience over there for long 2 weeks when I come back. Donno how I am going to survive there, probably without computer and internet.
Will Miss You Bloggers and blog friends.


MultiMenon said...

yaaayyy!!! am first.. :P

That's a nice desc of the average vacation day rimz.. :) I haven touched the books ever since college closed in may. :p and all the GRE,GATE and all that have started haunting me rite now itself.. :I

All the best with ur IPT..Hope u find it of some easy.I had gone for one too,was great.. :D

Take care n stay safe.. :)


divsi said...

oh god! m gonna miss u too powerpacked vocab gurl!!!!!!:))

p.s: trust me u hav company wen it cums to idling around;p
tc! hava nice trip!

Randeep said...

oiee monkey
oh rimz :)

Well. it was long one. And I liked ur dreams ;)


rimz said...

@ multimenon:
thanx for droppin n also accompanying in d bad routines..:P

hii dearie,am back again.

thanx for dropping here ..:)...


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