Monday, April 13, 2009

Just love

Here comes a love song composed mainly by a friend of mine, and moderated(and at some places also edited) by me. This time it is not for anyone , but it is given to the lips of a fictitous character and she is none other than the sweet heroine of Twilight(by Stephanie Meyer) ~ Isabella Swan. The song is dedicated to her for her beloved Edward Cullen.

Last night here for you,same old songs, just once more;
Last night here with you may be yes, may be no;
I, kinda liked it anyways, how you shined
And placed your eyes on me.
Did you ever know that i had mine on you?

Darling, so there you are, with that look on your face,
As if you never heard,as if u never doubt,
Am I the one for you?
Shall I be the one for you for now and forever
To interest you solely and truely??

You promised me then....I knew
You wanna dream on.
So let me come close to you.
Closest I wannabe.
Close enough to feel your heart beatin true.
And save us a whisper,
How i long to feel your peaceful eyes on me.

Do you ever know I have mine on You.

[P.S: Dont be jealous dear Jacob Black]


Urchin said...

wow...A rejection letter on saturday....nd a romantic number on monday....

thanks...4 ur comment...(u still a stranger!!...:|)

rimz said...

thanx for ur comment too. n
u r welcome also.

Atulya said...

Nice 1.. Must try 4 lyricist..


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