Wednesday, November 19, 2014

..Life on Highway..

Hello Everybody!
 It’s been long long time…. How are you all doing? I am good. Life has changed. Taken many turns, rather steep ones! Just wanted to share bits of stories from my side. In the month of May'14 I had a role change in my company.

Well the job description is like: I am technical service person of the Diesel vehicles, to which my company provides ancillaries. Shall share some details in course of this article.

I am a mechanical engineer and prior to my job rotation I was a part of my company’s manufacturing unit, responsible for product quality.

My new job profile is much broader compared to the earlier profile, as now not only I have to concentrate on a particular product, but need to have overview of almost the whole vehicle.

1st vehicle I worked upon was a Nissan Ashok Leyland Technologies’: Partner . It was a new vehicle that came to plant for service-training(that’s giver to field technicians and service managers, when a project gets On-road).
Someone asked ' kaisa lag raha hai' . I said ‘ bohot maaza aa raha hai’..he somewhat twisted his face n said 'huh...field k gadi me na, kuch bhi dikhayi bhi ni dega'.... so started my journey as a ' gadi ka mistri' as u can also say....!
The case I shared above was during my training session after which I was selected as a member of field competency team for eastern india.
The common rail diesel system is relatively new in India.  So OEMs(Original Equipment manufacturers) are cautious. .
My first trip*as an intern* was with my boss to Kolkata(my hometown) for training AL service managers and associates.  As my usual nature I was very very tensed. I went through all the material and documents that I managed to get. The session was better than my expectation!
My next trip was planned to Guwahati for giving training on diagnostics and technical details of a particular project.  I was still working in my previous job profile, as my earlier boss did not release me in such a short notice.  
The following month I had to spend in my previous profile only closing the open points.
On may 4th started forBangalore. 
After almost a month of rigorous training sessions both classroom and practical was finally allowed to leave for my final destination: kolkata. ... though the thought of getting dropped at the field made me procrastinate and tensed, yet I was excited as well as tired enough to put my feet at my home ground. !

I myself had rarely heard of or seen girls in vehicle service team, and here they send me as the technical ‘expert’ solving the critical issues, that the technicians are not able to solve.

I was provided with a number of hi-tech instruments and gadgets.

I started going to field for attending problems, for solving the issues. For Light commercial vehicles, Passenger cars things are different as in users the concerned about their vehicle and want it to be oK at the earliest. In case of Heavy commercial vehicles : trucks , tippers issues are different. Before attending the second type of vehicles I truly had some adrenaline rush…I have never been on truck before. And now there I am to take the 30tonner/40 tonner trucks on trial during investigation!(well, I don’t drive.) I sit up there, inside the truck with my instruments attached with the sensors and actuators, monitoring the values I need. And often dictating the driver to accelerate or to press brake or drive as he does normally. All these trials generally we do on highways with flyovers, where we can try achieving the maximum rpm! Its exciting, its fascinating…. Though I am a mechanical engineer I really never thought I would end up in such a job and moreover that I will like it!

Even when I go inside the service centers, I only try to concentrate on the case I am attending, not the surrounding that may be often distracting. Safety is often a concern for my parents, but as my company provides me a car and a known driver, I try to keep that part at bay.

I meet different people (while on field or over phone) coming from different background, the truck driver, the service technician the manager of the OEM. Many of them openly express their shocks seeing a girl in this service field.Ladies of my acquaintance often cannot actually realize what I do or rather how I do.

Training these people is also a part of my profile. When some new project is launched. I really don’t know or think whats in store for me in longtem future. At present I like my job and its actually a long way to go and vast things, still to learn.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


First of all, a big Hello to one and all.

How are you?

Well, life for me has changed a lot, than what it was,at the time of my last post(yeah I know, it was ages back!)....
[Somehow, I have the feeling my English writing skills have degraded with time, without the habit of writing ]

I have shifted to Maharashtra, with a new job, without family.
And unlike my belief, I survived for almost 2 and a half months now!

Hoping to start posting and following you thoroughly again,soon.

N.B: This post is for and because of one my dear co-blogger Divsi.
Hope to see you(your posts, I mean) soon...:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today, 16th November ’10 I took a vital decision, rather I had some strange realizations. It wouldn’t have been written by me if by any chance the case was just ‘reverse’. How reverse and meaning of this ‘reverse’ will be clear in course of time. For that much period patience of the readers and mine too are expected. At the end I may not end up writing this, may not end up publishing this, may not bother to move according to the ‘changed decision’ even! Never mind, after a long time writing so….. forgive that much of nuisance.!

Still last night 11p.m I was very much OK with my ‘previous decision’ of  fleeing away after having a safe amount of monetary deposit and clearing all mental blocks and pillars!
But last night talking with someone on the topic of being truant, suddenly I realized how horrible it really will turn out to be for my parents and loved ones. My parents, who 'made' me in all senses and literally brought back from death, what will happen to them!
I had the idea of ‘vanishing’ one day without anyone letting know anything, without carrying any single stuffs from my home/room/family/friends.

Can it really be possible? I myself am a part of them.
How can I ignore my presence, their presence in me! Did I do so? Do I do so? Or will I do that?
I donno at this moment. This professional life has made me feel the word ‘care’.

Here most of ‘them’ don’t care about their work properly, and ‘caring’ about ‘others’ is totally out of question. Previously I used to think myself rude; coming at workplace I realized, how rude the rest of the world ‘actually’ is! So, far I have been rude with those people (especially 2) who perhaps love me the most on earth. But rest of the world is rude to the one, whom they don’t know even! Am I insane? Or they are mature?

Suddenly amidst this rude and cruel world the thought of moving away , getting ‘vanished’ from the vicinity of my loves shook something inside me.
Can I really do that?
Do I really need to do that?

I wonder!
Am I fleeing away from life?
Am I afraid to face the battle ahead?
 I have never been a coward!
But I ended up making all the decisions like a coward.
I became all, what I hated.
I chased all what I dreamt!
I lost all my prizes.
Am I still sleeping?
Or I am Just Awake!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Months of CurseS and BlesseS.

'17' is now a hard-to-forget-day of my life.

Though my first job's formal joining date was April, 19'2010, as the office was not fully ready for joining of the new employees, I joined the office from 17th May'10. But 3rd June was my last day at that office.I was not much satisfied there as because most of it were paper work , and it was like a punishment for a mechanical engineer to do those stuffs only through out days,nights,weeks and months.
My last semester examination was starting from 8th of June[This examination date also got postponed due to the famous 'MUNICIPAL VOTE' Festival.]
The sinister(oops. semester.,.!!) ended on 15th June with much tensions and chapped nails[As my last examination was my Elective III-Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and my head was becoming too jammed with all the wires and coils and graphs.]. Among all this my interview result of another company came out, with my name in the confirmation mail. But as
my fate goes, like always - there was small '?' marks on my forehead as beside my name it was written "will be called for another interaction". 
Ultimately we were called on 17th June.And after waiting for an hour or so ultimately our turn came, all were given a bunch of forms to fill up, and I was picked up and taken to GM(P & HRD) for 'interaction' with the person under whom I was supposed to be placed. Our medical check ups and all took place and we were given Offer letters that very day , along with the declaration that we were the employees of the company from that day only. We were happy, I was peaceful.
So, from that day my job life started in true and proper sense, the way as I consider it.

Professional life --- It's weird, it's good, it's pathetic, it's sympathetic, it's empathetic.
It's a kind of world,  just after the college where I can easily use all the mentioned adjectives together. People are strange- politicians,diplomats, always doing- namby-pamby -ones, jealous ones, zealous one, intimidated ones, dominating ones. I know many of you know this 'real' world',  but it's totally a brand new world for me. It's my dream place , yet it's the hard-core reality. I fly here, still I need to fix my feet firmly on the ground to thrive and strive.

Today is another '17', I complete Two months of my professional life. It's hectic, yet I like it. It may kill me, yet I live for it. The person who couldn't stay awake if she didn't have a 8 hrs sleep daily,now works with hardly six and half hours sleep daily. that doesn't matter much, cause she is happy.

PS: Sorry dear friends and readers for being so late to post this. Hope you can understand the phase of tension, anxiety and currently hectic life that I am going through.

Take care.
Have a nice Day.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just another Story. Part -6

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Mind out: Just another Story. Part-5

Sorry, dear readers, I was very busy with studies and all, and today found a bit time, because the university has postponed the last semester exam from 14th June to some will-be-announced-soon date.

Hope you remember the last part of the story where Anu was sad,as Rishi was harsh, but couldn't express and wrote pages in diary.
A few days passed. Human nature, its unpredictable and uncontrollable. Though fought but couldn't stay apart, couldn't stay far for long without quarreling. After much tears and
sweaty nights, they talked to each other.
They talked like they met after ages. They met like they were meeting after decades. They came closer and closer. Rishi realised that he couldn't control the attraction. Anu hardly thought and pay heed but couldn't control.
The friendly embraces and touches were no longer such, they were deeper and longer. Still,
Anu continued in her oh-I-hate-love facet, but was not able to resist Rishi whenever he came closer. She even didn't feel guilty for it. She dungeoned all the thoughts of so-called-sins and
'should not s'. She had the notion: she was right. Cause she never lied to Rishi, she never said to Rishi that she loved him, but she couldn't resist her to come closer to him. She went closer cause she liked the proximity of their breaths, smell of his air. For her it was pure because she was using herself for the highest reason on earth 'for her good feeling, thats causing harm to none'(somehow her novel-inspired thoughts drove her). Even Rishi had nothing o say against her these idiosyncrasies. But still, she continued to think she was not in love.
The bad news, the good news everything reached Rishi first. Yet nothing in her heart changed.


Among all these some drastic change in her mentality was undergoing due to her family matters.
Her dad was a kind of person, who would blame her mother, if ever Anu dared to say something to him in a high tone. Even when Anu protested against something wrong of his father the same happened, her mother was scolded blamed and abused for daughter's behavior. She literally disliked him for his rude, orthodox and bad behaviors towards his family.

Anu realised the person in front of her in the mirror has also somehow evolved to be like
the person whom she disliked so much.She was abashed,shameful and sad.She remembered how she scolds
and behaves with her siblings and friends, pretty often over pety stuffs.She even realised it
was very hard for her to control her temperament, cause it flowed in her blood. She decided to fight it and break that shell.
She even promised herself, she will change and one day will be better than him, and will be able to behave with him unlike how he behaves with her.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What Is thIs?

I have a grievance .
Don't know exactly against whom? The country, administration or some selfish dolts?!!
The topic is a much much discussed and a much controversial one though, yet I need to speak a bit on the topic and vent out my thoughts.

Reservation and quotas".

A particular national level exam has 84 seats out of which 52 are for OBC,18 for SC/ST/PH. So for general candidates '14' seats are allotted. Isn't this an injustice?
Backward classes and all stuffs, yeah I know those things, but are we(general caste people) not important? As far my knowledge goes or normal sense says: Number of general category candidates appearing for exams are considerably more than the number of other class people. Reservation is alright for promoting them,for their progress but more than 80% reservation!!!???
Is it really necessary.?!
This has already caused the increase of corruption among all level of people. People already belonging to these backward classes often take the disadvantages of belonging to these categories.
Reservation was made for the purpose of helping the ones who are unable to progress,who remained veiled by customs made by the 'so-called high castes' of the society, who are economically weaker. But as a result of this reservation thing, even the economically richer ones or non-deserving ones(or both) are getting posted in high posts. Apart from this a number of people who doesn't belong to these classes are making fake certificates for gaining (dis)advantages..!!
Is it right in a developing country like India? Doesn't it retard country's progress all the more?Isn't it a black spot on the name of democracy of a 'sovereign' country, somehow?

 Firstly, some non-deserving candidates[point to be noted: I am not saying all are not good, or all doesn't deserve, but some really really doesn't deserve.] without proper knowledge or capability spoil the dignity of the position and secondly, Frustration breeds in other deserving candidates. Most are not determined and dedicated enough like "Rizwan khan" to go to the high authority and claim:
We deserve".

Recently NTPC is recruiting engineers. They are supposed to take 162 mechanical engineers. Well, coming to the main point ,among them : 108 are OBC,36 are general, rest are SC/ST.
IS it really OK? Can this keep on going or this will keep on going?

Monday, February 8, 2010


You are so away.....That
Your smell no more tingle senses,
Though in a crowd often it seems
You are just around...

But I know you are away...
Light years away,
More away than I
Ever expected you to be.

Care- I see it everywhere,
I never wished to have it so much.
I don't like them to care,
Yet they do, but
You don't .
Its just like I am in the mid ocean:
"water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink"!!

They swear to follow me everywhere,
You too did, but you broke the promise.
But I don't care whether they'll keep it or not.

Night knows the pain,
Pillows know the tears,
They cannot consolate, they know.
You can consolate, but you don't know.


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